Friday, June 10, 2005

Early Morning

Early morning in June is heavenly. I love the birdsong and how fresh everything is. I saw Jack off to work, let Barley out for a bit, and then made a cup of coffee to write for awhile. I feel guilty saying this but I love it when the kids are still asleep. Sometimes I feel like Clark in the movie Funny Farm when he sits in his soggy leather chair next to his upstairs window looking out at the bird in the tree. I get distracted and have to look out the window to see what's going on. The sun is warm already, and I hear the wild turkey hens calling to each other. I see them down at the edge of the woods picking around in the newly planted fields. The toms aren't fanning out anymore...I think mating season is over.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

A Little Introductory Post

This is just a little introductory post. When I graduated high school, I worked on the farm with my dad. I loved that! I'm a country girl at heart even though a bit of New York sits wonderingly in the day dreamy parts of my heart. I could see myself working in the fashion industry with a little apartment, designing clothes or whatever. Of course I also saw myself taking off for British Columbia in a rag top jeep with my dog sitting by my side in search of a tall, dark, and handsome yet slightly taciturn rancher. wink But mostly, I knew I just longed to be married. I'd see myself waking early, baking muffins, keeping a cozy home, and welcoming my handsome loving husband home at night while the little ones played happily on the kitchen floor at our feet. My kind of bliss. But, when I arrived there, though quite blissful, it didn't just happen. It doesn't just happen. I realize now it takes a lot of training (of yourself) and a lot of focus. I'm sad now that I allowed myself to lose my homemaking focus, but it happens easily. Home schooling can fit in easily or it can make everything harder. Throw in a dream to publish and writing eight hours a day in the kids' early years and household disaster was the only real recipe I was cooking up. But the worst culprit I have found over these years is the computer - email, web design, writing. The Internet can be so wonderful, indispensable really, but without a plan and focus it can just eat up the best parts of the day. So now, 20 years later, here I am, better late than never. It's not that I've never been a good homemaker. But I think I've never been an organized homemaker. So I'm on my way to putting together a Home Management Binder, and I thought a homemaking blog would be a good place to keep and share all the things and ideas and links I'm finding.

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