Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me

It's been a pleasant day so far and for that I am thankful. I don't mind having birthdays, getting older, but the pressure to have a good one gets the best of me sometimes. The last few years it seems my birthdays have been out to get me. I knocked around in my flannel pajamas until ten and made a cinnamon braid. On top of that, Jack brought home a couple of blueberry pockets from the bakery and a card that was so cute and perfect it made me cry. Here it is, with the poem...so cute!

card When I kiss ya, When I miss ya,
When I'm feeling tired or lazy,
When we're busy, in a tizzy,
When I drive ya kinda crazy ...
When we're romantic or almost frantic,
When we're apart or we're together,
One thing's certain (and I'm not just flirtin'),
I love you with all my heart, forever.

I love that card like crazy and the most fun part of it was me seeing Jack see me love it so much.

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