Monday, December 5, 2005

My Pumpkin Seed Story

My funny for the day. I love roasted pumpkin seeds. I cleaned a whole big bowl full of seeds from the pumpkins Jack didn't take out to the deer. They were frozen solid by now, but he split them open yesterday and gave me the guts. I swished them around a lot under running water in the colander so the pulp separated and the job went easier than I was anticipating. I was really so pleased, things were going so well. But they are SO slippery, just like little fish. I spilled a bunch over into the sink which prolonged the job. But when that was remedied and I was nearing the end, I thought I was really getting somewhere when I got out my nifty salad spinner so I could have a leg up on the drying process. I'll tell you a whole big salad spinner full of pumpkin seeds can really spin. It was one of those before and after moments. I looked at Molly who was writing at the dining room table as I gave the spinner a last pump...I'm sure there was just really happy sparkle in my eyes, a job well done... She was watching me where I stood at the end of the peninsula where I had paper towels all ready and waiting for my seeds. And that was when I picked off the top of the salad spinner without stopping it first...that IS what that little black button is for, I know this, I just didn't think of it in the midst of all my happiness. Pumpkin seeds went FLYING ... no, flying is too tame a word, SPRAYing to the far-reaching corners of my kitchen and dining room. There was a split-pumpkin seedssecond moment of horror and then we burst into laughter because it was hilariously funny. Thankfully, a lot of them landed on the peninsula and many of them ON the paper towels which I thought was rather wonderful. When I actually get them roasted, I hope they turn out good. Yum!

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