Sunday, January 22, 2006

This Is Not Romantic

Barley woke us up very early this morning which is normal for the weekends since there are times we are not up as early as on week days. It's manly for the husband to get up to take out the dog although there are plenty of times I do it. This morning though Jack went on his way with Barley, and I stayed snuggly and warm after mumbling, "we really need to let him out later in the evening" as if that was going to help the present situation. It wasn't but a few minutes later that I heard something clunking against our upstairs bedroom window. It sounded like pebbles and I thought to myself "this is not romantic. It's way too early for him to expect me to go to the window so he can tell me he loves me." But then the pebbles turned to snowballs. I got up and went to the window, and he yelled up, "Could you open the door? I locked myself out." LOL

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