Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Using a Gazillion Fonts

I learned the neatest thing yesterday. I was searching for a font and ran across this really useful information. It's maybe well-known, but new to me and something I am happy to know. I have a gazillion fonts and love to find just the perfect one to use for a project. Consequently, either you have a very lengthy font list in your programs which also takes time to load on start up or you are installing fonts that you may never use again but forget and leave installed. I have always assumed that I had to install fonts to be able to use them. But no! All you have to do is open the font, like from the zip file, and it will show up in the program you want to use it in, like Word, or PSP, or Paint for instance. Then, just close it out when you are done. If you're not sure which font you want to use for a project, have several open at a time. I love this!

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