Saturday, April 8, 2006

Biscotti, Four-wheelers, and Dreams That Come True

We had a great day today . . . a busy, wonderfully typical Saturday. It was quite chilly and windy, but the sun was shining. After Jack and I had our Saturday morning coffee, crosswords, and even some biscotti! (which reminds me to make that recipe I tried at Christmastime) I walked outside with a second mug of coffee to see what Jack was up to. We had no plans to work on remodeling today, but I just had to giggle anyway. Come spring and summertime remodeling usually comes to a screeching halt . . . Jack is very much an outdoor person (who happens to be married to a woman who calls herself “indoorgirl”). I found him working on a four-wheeler. It never fails, he always finds some mechanical thing that needs to be repaired and will tinker at it the whole day through. So we laughed together because he knows it too. And who could blame him on a day like today, so nice to be outside even if the wind was a little raw.

woods We took the four-wheeler out to the woods then, just the two of us which was nice. I got a couple of pictures and it was just heavenly hearing the birds out there, seeing the sun on the water, and making plans to come back out soon and clean up the trails where the flooding had left logs and brush scattered. We rode past the infamous thorn apple tree of the infamous four-wheeler ride I wrote about last summer.

We went shopping yesterday. Jack had to go look at a dump truck for work so we tagged along and went shopping after he was done. I spent a happy time browsing the books in the thrift store. I found three and put two back. I’m even thrifty in the thrift store. Grin Molly got fabric for a new costume dress so she spent all day today getting that cut out. I peeked in now and then and helped . . . it was yards and yards of fabric so another set of hands was helpful at times. I was amazed with myself today. I actually backed up all the files on our Hewlett-Packard (which is a lemon and almost the death of me on many occasions), something I’ve intended to do for, well, years . . . so I’m glad to be ready to re-format it. We’re putting it in the boys’ room along with this one. Molly is happy with my trusty Dell . . . she writes so many hours a week sometimes I hardly see her. And one of my longtime dreams came true yesterday. Jack ordered me a laptop, so I am one very excited writer who always thought it would be the coolest thing to have a laptop and be able to write wherever I wanted to. It’s one of the sweetest surprises he’s ever given me. In Love

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