Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Love Spring

I can barely get over how beautiful it was yesterday and today. It was just like summer. We rode down by the river, and it was so pretty. I took some pictures.

the river in spring the river in spring

I was able to get the house opened up and aired out. Since we live in an old house, except for the kitchen and bathroom windows which have been replaced, we still put the storm windows on each fall and switch them out for screens in the spring. So that was wonderful to get them on, and it’s so nice to have fresh air going through the whole house now.

Jack's lil greenhouse Jack put together his little greenhouse today and brought out his tomato plants and my little Liliput Zinnias. If it gets too cold at night we can just carry the greenhouse into the house and bring it back out in the morning. I’m excited about this. Jack has a bigger greenhouse, but it just usually gets a bit too cold here at night so not the easiest thing to be carrying flats of plants from that greenhouse into the house if and every time we have to. He planted about 90 tomato plants and keeps a good many of them but also shares with others when it comes garden planting time.

I’ve been like a kid on Christmas morning with this laptop . . . feeling very, very blessed. There are just so many ways it makes things so handy for me. I am very thankful. I haven’t been writing for months so I was very anxious to get my chapters on here and begin to edit and get back into the feel of it again so I can just finish this book. My poor characters have been in limbo too long.

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