Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Special Walk

Jack and I took a walk along the river and through the woods this afternoon. It's always nice to have some time alone. And after all, it is our anniversary. in love We sat on a log and watched the river for awhile. When we left the log, we took a deer trail off along a different stretch of the river. I turned around to look back the way we’d come and I saw this. It was a heavenly moment.

Two Wedding Anniversaries

Graphic Garden It is our anniversary today, mine and Jack’s. Nineteen years. I’m excited about that, and I love sharing the date with my parents who are celebrating their anniversary as well. Jack will probably take off a little early today, and not so oddly for us, I don’t know what we are doing yet. I guess no matter what it ends up to be, we just like spending time together.
Anniversaries always make me think of that first year of marriage, how exciting and fun and new everything feels beginning to make your way together. And also, because our anniversary is in springtime and springtime is when we bought our home and land, it makes me think of how magical it all was and how blessed we are. If I had my druthers I would not live where I do geographically, which is a story for another day, but how could I not be amazed by and thankful for what God has blessed us with? Though he still plays a killer game of racquetball most weekdays during his lunch hour, Jack has mellowed over the years. He was very into softball and volleyball. He had dislocated his shoulder enough times that he finally had surgery so he was out of work for a week or two. His dad casually mentioned that this old place was for sale so we went for a drive—it was winter then, or very early spring. It had a big old sturdy house on 9 acres of land and 80 adjoining acres of woods with a big sprawling river winding through it. It was romantic and exciting and as much like a dream come true as it was an awesome blessing from God. And unbelievable now, we only paid about $45,000 for it at the time. Incredible.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Movie Review – Pride & Prejudice

I had a really wonderful Mother’s Day — just my kind of day. We had a very quiet, lazy afternoon. Jack and Sam puttered around outside. They fixed the grapes up and cleared out all the dead parts. Molly and Jake and I sat and watched a movie. I had NO idea they would watch it with me as they do not care for Keira Knightly and after all, for Jake, it was a girl movie! But a classic, Pride & Prejudice, which I had not seen yet. I loved it. Just the perfect movie for a quiet, cloudy afternoon.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Spring Wildflowers

We went for a ride in the woods last night. The weather has been so coldish that I kind of forgot about taking a ride out to see the wild flowers. I forgot to take the camera so we went for a walk late this afternoon after fishing.

woods walk

You can see that it is so pretty out there this time of year
with everything getting greener and the wildflowers are so plentiful.

I just love wood violets.
There are some spots where they are just scattered all over the ground.

wood violets

Wood violets and yellow violets.

wood violets

yellow violets

Wood Anemone

Wood Anemone

Dutchman's Breeches
members of the poppy family are related to Bleeding Hearts

Dutchman's Breeches

Dutchman's breeches

Hanging in a row,
On a tiny clothesline,
In the woods you grow.
Rain and dew will wash you.
Soil and dirt will go away.
Sun and wind will dry you.
On a sunny day.

- Loretta Kuse -

At the end of the walk I found these marsh-marigolds
also known as "cowslip," a member of the buttercup family.


There is a spot in our woods we call the "peninsula."
It's just a little sandy area that juts out into the bend in the river. That is where this tree is. Someone must have leaned a board in the V of this tree many, many years ago. The tree grew right around the board.

the tree grew right around this board

This is the other side of the tree.

board in the tree from the other side

Thursday, May 4, 2006

My Ode to Tivo

Tivo Allow me a minute of posting-silliness. I love TIVO. I love love love TIVO. TIVO is my friend. I will cheerfully pass along this info to anyone who wonders about TIVO. The TIVO remote is a dream. When you hold it in your hand every button you need is within finger-reach. Your brain becomes one with the TIVO remote and you don’t even think about which buttons you go for, it just happens. When you fast forward it stops on a dime so you can watch a television program almost as if it has no commercials. (Although some commercials are so great you can’t pass them up, like the man staring at a blue Corvette while riding on his riding lawn mower and he drives right down through a bed of, I’m assuming, his wife’s flowers and they fly all over like flower confetti— or the monkey commercial where they’re all pointing their beaming red light pointers at the backside of that poor guy.) I could wax poetic over the TIVO guide. You can literally go to a channel in the guide, page down a few times, and see what is on for the next two weeks— in a few seconds. TIVO is fun, colorful, fast, and extremely user-friendly. I LOVE TIVO.

We don’t have TIVO anymore. Crying

For reasons we now RUE, we upgraded our existing Direct TV sat. system months ago to a Direct TV DVR. For one thing it was cheaper per month. Sigh. The remote gives us fits, the guide is frustrating and time-consuming, coming out of fast-forward you don’t have sound for a bit. PLUS you run into the program before you can stop it from fast-forwarding, which, if you’re watching 24 is NOT fun to see what’s happening while you can’t hear and then the suspense is over. The “go-to-the-end” of the show button goes to the end, but you’re supposed to be able to push it again and go the beginning of the show. Isn’t that right, TIVO? Well, I never would have written my Ode to TIVO if I hadn’t been pushed. Last night our DVR just up and decided not to start recording LOST so we missed the first 15 minutes. Which, in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t matter to me. But it still bugged me. You would think Direct TV would want to put out a superior product. I would go back to TIVO in a heartbeat.