Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rough-fruited Cinquefoil

Jack and I went for a short walk down to the river after supper. Jack found a flower we hadn’t seen yet this year. It was pale yellow and the petals were perfect hearts! I couldn’t believe how pretty and delicate it was.

Rough-fruited Cinquefoil

Sunday, June 4, 2006

A Robin's Nest and River Pictures

A little earlier Jack and I were having some coffee and doing a crossword. We noticed mama birds tending to their nests in the trees outside the dining room windows so later, we peeked in the robin nest and took a picture. So interesting to see things you hardly know are there without really looking close. There seems to be two little hatchlings and one egg still to hatch…hopefully? Pretty neat and the color is so beautiful!

a robin's nest

a robin's nest with egg and babies

Here are some photos of what the river and woods looks like now. It's always at its prettiest before everything is overgrown.

the river in early June
ferns in the woods before they're all overgrown
a pretty spot

Thursday, June 1, 2006

The Honeysuckle Bush

Jack and I spent some time lazing together in the hammock, looking up into the pine trees, and enjoying the warm breezes. It was really a special time. We have a pair of orioles that are nesting here, but we didn’t know where, though we expected it was up in one of the old pines. Jack had been in the hammock after working hard while I was in the house (on a beautiful day painstakingly backing up my laptop files crazy), and he happened to spot the oriole hop down into its nest high in the tree out where he was. So he called me on his cell phone LOL to come out with him a bit so he could show me the nest which is not your usual kind of nest so it was neat even though it was high enough we really couldn’t see it that much anyway. Still fun though. We also took a quick ride down to the river and there was my beautiful big ancient honeysuckle bush all full of pink flowers. I took a picture of part of it, but wish you could have seen what it looked like, so sweet and beautiful.


We have had enough rain that the river is very high. We went out there again tonight so I could get some pics, but the mosquitoes were awful so we didn’t dally.

rain-swollen river