Monday, July 10, 2006

Finer Than a Frog's Hair

I woke to the sound of my wind chime this morning. I liked that. Not one care I had such a nice day just doing regular stuff. The weather is set to get very hot so today’s coolness was very pleasant. Because of the heat and working out in the sun, Jack is going to have the guys work an earlier set of hours come Wednesday through Friday so that will be nice to have him home earlier those days. He’s thinking of finishing some tiling we have yet to do. I want to, but it brings back memories of last summer when we tiled in the summer heat. Regarding my post title, Jack came home tonight asking me how I felt now that he was home. He asked me if I felt “finer than a frog’s hair.” I looked at him like he was speaking a different language. I had never heard that expression before!

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