Friday, August 18, 2006

August Photos

I was talking to Dad on the phone the other day and telling him about the fiddlehead ferns that grow so plentifully in the woods and along the trails. Even with driving the trails daily, those ferns just want to keep growing up and I told him how tough and knobby a stump they leave behind when you cut them down. Even at this late date they're still growing up in the trail.

fiddlehead fern stump

fiddlehead fern starting to grow it's almost cute :)

Here's a really pretty picture of a wild sunflower.

wild sunflower

and some of my favorite flowers in the yard

my flowers

and some pretty flowers framed by woods and water

flowers in the woods

We have so many interesting trees in our woods. There is one standing next to "Maple Tree Island" which is very large, but what is interesting is that the middle limb of the tree reaching up into the sky is twisted like a piece of taffy as you can see in the next photo. There are other trees that have limbs like this and I wonder what made it do that as it grew?

twisted limb

Here is another old gnarled and knobby tree.

old tree

This is Maple Tree Island. smile
The kids named a lot of places in the woods when they were little. In the spring when it floods or when the summers are not dry the river surrounds this little piece of land.

Maple Tree Island

This is one of my favorite spots. I love birch trees in with white pines.

a pretty trail through the birch trees

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