Monday, August 21, 2006

A Frog and a Redbelly Snake

Sam found a Redbelly snake which was neat because we've never seen one before.

red-belly snake

And then we found this frog on the bathroom window.

tree frog

tree frog

I've been so enjoying this tree in the woods which has an ivy-like plant growing up the side of its dark bark. I just think it's so pretty, and I had never seen this ivy-like plant that is growing up all over things in the woods.

We finally purchased a plant book so we could correctly identify many of the things we had found. This ivy is called Bur Cucumber. The cutest little spiny cucumber-like pods grow on it.

a little cucumber from a Bur Cucumber vine

We also got an edible wild plant book, and it was interesting to note that what I always refer to as thorn apple trees are actually Hawthorns. Our woods are full of these trees. Even within it there are quite a few different species as evidenced by the difference in their apples, but they all have the most amazing and horrible long thorns. Every time I see them I think of the crown of thorns that Jesus wore. Thorns are so awful, I just can't imagine.

Thorn apple/Hawthorn trees are scattered all through our woods. Some are like crab apple trees with little red apples, some yellow, others the apples hang in little clusters like berries. Now that summer is almost over the ground is littered with little red apples. Here is a picture of one tree hanging out over the water.

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