Thursday, September 14, 2006

A New Student

Graphic Garden I am so happy with the way school is going this year. I bought very little for curriculum, purchased only one small thing besides a Rosetta Stone Spanish program. There are so many resources available, and I plan to use the Internet for a large part of our schooling along with the books we have accumulated over the years so it's just kind of exciting really. I have done school before the way we're doing it this year, but after awhile you slip back into doing "school at home" and everyone gets frustrated. Partly because I love to teach more than the kids like to learn. I am very visual and love all the "schooly" stuff and in the early years we had desks, etc. and wonderfully fun colorful things on the walls and a timeline and I had this big teacher's desk.

This year I am looking at the year as a whole with goals and fabulous and varied pockets of learning together instead of daily schedules. It's Molly's last year and the four of us really want to enjoy it together. After twelve years of school around the dining rbarleyschooloom table it will be very strange without her after this year. But, I shouldn't really say it's just the four of us. I have another student. He is such a silly dog. He climbs up and sits on the chair and sometimes he drops his head down on the table and just sits there like he's listening to me. He probably is. not one care

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