Sunday, February 4, 2007

6 Strange Facts About Me

Mention six strange facts about you:

Well, I am strange so this shouldn't be so hard as it seems. Crazy I guess these are more just facts than strange.

1. I hemorrhaged badly two weeks after Molly was born. Jack raced me to the hospital from out here in the country. As I lay on the emergency room table, I heard the emergency room nurse say she had never seen so much blood. (In an emergency room??!!!) I received a blood transfusion, and Jack and Molly and I all shared a hospital room until I was able to go home. To this day, after the sights and sounds and feelings of that experience, I still struggle with the fear of hemorrhaging again.

2. This will definitely sound strange. I don't do the grocery shopping! Jack's father did the grocery shopping in their family. So this is very familiar to Jack, and he enjoys it. Money was definitely tight in the earlier years of our marriage, and living out in the country, we limited our trips to town. As Jack was already in town for his workday it worked out nicely, and I guess we never changed. Besides, I kinda like it. He's like my own personal mail order. Grin

3. Though this is my life, the life and place God has for me for reasons only He knows, I don't fit in over twenty years I've never felt comfortable in this town and would love to live somewhere else. Jack has lived here all of his life and all of his family live here while all of mine live in different states. So sometimes I feel really lonely.

4. I loved the advent of Internet ordering because I am so not a phone person.

5. I'm good at following maps but don't ask me what direction I'm going. Wink

6. I eat coleslaw (mixed in) with mashed potatoes.

Okay, I honestly think everyone has done this already... so I won't tag anyone, but do it if you didn't and want to and then let me know!