Monday, March 26, 2007

Early Spring Flooding

Usually, due to flooding, we don't get out riding in the woods this early in the spring, but this year the flooding was quick to come and go. I was really happy about that as I missed my rides this past winter.

Maple Tree Island

spring flooding

Friday, March 23, 2007

Our First Date Anniversary

Today is the 23rd anniversary of my first date with Jack. I worked at the Dairy Queen when we met...oh wait, I'll back up. We had moved from Minnesota to Wisconsin, my whole family (mom and dad, me and five siblings.  We ended up running, a Dairy Queen, as a family, making malts and cones and frying up fish sandwiches and hot dogs and such. It was closed in the winter time and Dad was set to take an accounting class at the tech. I decided to take it with him. Jack's oldest sister (he has eight siblings) was taking the accounting class too and decided to tell him about me. The rest is history...he came in to the Dairy Queen to "check me out" ... and I was lost in his eyes. (swoon...In Love) My mom claims the distinct privilege of seeing us "seeing each other" for the first time. That first date we went out to see a high school play and then to Pizza Hut afterward...oddly enough I had lasagna. He wore brown polyester pants and a brown velour shirt, and I wore of all things, all fuchsia...corduroy pants and a swishy type of blouse with a bow at the neck. Oh the 80s!...yuck. So here we are 23 years later. We had a long, stormy courtship which nevertheless culminated in a wonderfully even and almost idyllic marriage which is not to say either of us is perfect...we just love each other through the things about each other which drive us nuts. Here is a pic of us, in our youth Wink and with lots of hair. Grin