Sunday, April 15, 2007

River Rafting

Everyone talked me into going rafting yesterday. It's not that I don't want to go, it's just that sometimes I have to be persuaded. So, we all five piled into the cab of Jack's work truck. I love funny experiences and good laughs. Molly was so afraid some cute guy would drive past because she was perched up on Jacob's lap, and then after the raft blew off the back of the truck [because it was windy and because men feel that things will stay where they put them even though they should be tied down even to go a short way] and we had to stop and put it back on, I suggested we all turn sideways instead of sitting regularly which put us very close together like little sausages and I learned that Molly and Jacob have tendencies toward claustrophobia. I know it's not funny to a claustrophobic person, but it was funny and even through the laughter I heard Molly behind me panting like a little puppy even though she was laughing. It was good when we got out at the bridge where we left the truck about a mile from our house. (We stop rafting just down the field lane from our house so then we just go and pick up the truck later.) All three kids (teens) piled into one raft and Jack and I into the other and started down the river. Oh, it was heavenly! It was still cool out yesterday, only 50° or so, but the sun was out and we were shielded from the wind. The current is slow but sure, except for the spots that sling you around corners, and we just had a marvelous time. It's such a different visual perspective to see the river from the river instead of riding alongside it.

I always love it when something interesting or unexpected (in a good way) happens. Someone said, "there's a football!" as we were gliding along. So of course, since it was in the river and we couldn't possibly ever know whose it was, we had to try and get it. The current isn't fast, but even so it's very hard to try and get back up stream, especially when you're laughing too hard. We finally got back far enough that the kids climbed up onto a sand bar-y part and then Jake climbed out onto the limbs of a dead tree and got close enough to get the football. Success! The thing is, it was a very nice leather football, so it was important. *Ü* And then we were on our way again. At the more currenty spots Jack and I bickered romantically. There were times I was paddling correctly and other times I would not paddle because he was needing to but he was telling me I needed to, etc. etc. and we laughed but I still had to insist that I didn't mean to be contrary it's just that I knew what I was doing! And then of course as sweet as he is he was also full of compliments and quite impressed as only a husband can be. I said, as if he shouldn't be so surprised, "I watch Survivor." Though, he forgets I am more athletic than he realizes...I am just not generally predisposed to athleticism. The river winds around and around so even though we were so close to our house it took about an hour to get to the place where we crawl back up on land and carry the rafts back to the house. If we start from there and continue down further, we just leave the truck at a bridge further down and that jaunt takes longer. Or you can do it all with a bit of vehicle finagling and that is even better.

Here is what the river looked like yesterday.

rafting along the river

the river bank

the river bank

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