Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Love Netflix

My three month summertime stint with Netflix is almost up. I've seen some movies that made me wish I'd chosen something else, but I've also seen some really good ones. I loved Freedom Writers. It made me cry in spots and I thought it was just a fantastic movie. Having been born in and lived nearly half my life in Minnesota, I really liked Sweet Land.  I saw Mrs. Brown with Judi Dench and liked that quite a lot also. I enjoyed the Wives and Daughters series very much, and Molly and I really liked Nanny McPhee. Just so cute without being silly, and I like Emma Thompson and of course Colin Firth. I have often thought I would love to write a screen play, and it interests me to know that Emma Thompson wrote this screen play and also the one for Sense and Sensibilities if I remember correctly. And lastly, The Ultimate Gift. For me a must see.

FreedomWriters sweetland mrs-brown
nanny_mcphee WivesAndDaughters The Ultimate Gift

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