Friday, September 21, 2007

A Book in the Works

We had quite an exciting space of time this morning. Molly and I entered into the agreement with the publishing company to begin publishing her book. It's all been a little slower to begin than we had anticipated, but it is a pricey endeavor for her, $3,000 worth, so she was careful to find out everything up front, all the future costs, etc. and had the agreement checked by our lawyer to make sure. Jack and I gave her money for graduation, to start this part of her life which she fully intends and hopes will become a life-time career. She's worked hard over the summer months and has the rest of the money saved up so the publishing is all paid for, and now we wait. The process is interactive though. She has a place online where she will work with them to make the cover of her book, and she has drafted me to write up the back of the book and the author bio and also the catalog description. It's all very exciting and there is already an ISBN number for her book which I thought was pretty neat. It will be listed on Amazon and B&N and the online catalog of the publishing company. We should have a finished book in our hands in just a few months, and I will be anxious to unveil it here when I can.

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