Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lessons I Learned in the Dark

lisaDo you remember Blair from The Facts of Life? I have to confess I never cared for the show much so I don't remember watching and Blair was the person I would have had the least in common with. It was interesting to me some years back to find out that Blair, Lisa Whelchel in real life, and I have much in common. I will let you get to know her on your own if you care to and just say that I love her web site, Lisa I receive her newsletter by email and it is always a joy to read. She is so open, so generous and real. In this last newsletter she mentioned her friend, Jennifer Rothschild, and it contained a picture of a book written by Jennifer Rothschild. The cover looked so familiar to me that I realized it was likely in my bookcase so I got up right away to see. I was overjoyed to find that it was. It is called Lessons I Learned in the Dark. I just have a feeling that this book will really minister to me right now. I am and have been going through some particularly hard things lately, for a long time really, and it is always comforting when you know that the Lord is supplying you with things designed to meet you where you need. There was one thing I read last night that got the color crayon treatment which is how I highlight my books, with color crayons. "We don't lean on God until fear makes us feel shaky and weak." Isn't that so sad but true? I am always, always thankful that God is there, am always mindful that He is there, but I get busy and overwhelmed and forget to lean. So anyway, getting Lisa's newsletter the other day was like getting a letter from a sweet friend, and I wanted to share that so that you can get to know her also. It is well worth your time as she is delightful, and I so look forward to meeting her.

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