Sunday, September 2, 2007

Milwaukee Zoo

We toured the Milwaukee zoo on Thursday and that was just a pure delight. The zoo is beautiful, full of wooded areas and boarded walk-ways. We saw so many things that were just incredible to look at.

I was especially entranced by this King Vulture. I love color and the sight of his head up close was just the most amazing thing. Molly said I took quite enough pictures of him.

Here is a photo showing the back of his head. I apologize if my fascination is rare, but the intricacy of these birds and animals was just a sight to behold.

The cats were another fascination.
We could have watched them all day.

And one more absolutely silly zoo photo.
A bird with . . . eyelashes!!!

We went to the public museum the next day. There were multiple delights there as well, but one of the highlights was the butterfly room where we walked around with amazingly colorful and interesting butterflies flitting round our heads. Here are a few photos.

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