Wednesday, June 1, 2005

A Little Introductory Post

This is just a little introductory post. When I graduated high school, I worked on the farm with my dad. I loved that! I'm a country girl at heart even though a bit of New York sits wonderingly in the day dreamy parts of my heart. I could see myself working in the fashion industry with a little apartment, designing clothes or whatever. Of course I also saw myself taking off for British Columbia in a rag top jeep with my dog sitting by my side in search of a tall, dark, and handsome yet slightly taciturn rancher. wink But mostly, I knew I just longed to be married. I'd see myself waking early, baking muffins, keeping a cozy home, and welcoming my handsome loving husband home at night while the little ones played happily on the kitchen floor at our feet. My kind of bliss. But, when I arrived there, though quite blissful, it didn't just happen. It doesn't just happen. I realize now it takes a lot of training (of yourself) and a lot of focus. I'm sad now that I allowed myself to lose my homemaking focus, but it happens easily. Home schooling can fit in easily or it can make everything harder. Throw in a dream to publish and writing eight hours a day in the kids' early years and household disaster was the only real recipe I was cooking up. But the worst culprit I have found over these years is the computer - email, web design, writing. The Internet can be so wonderful, indispensable really, but without a plan and focus it can just eat up the best parts of the day. So now, 20 years later, here I am, better late than never. It's not that I've never been a good homemaker. But I think I've never been an organized homemaker. So I'm on my way to putting together a Home Management Binder, and I thought a homemaking blog would be a good place to keep and share all the things and ideas and links I'm finding.

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  1. Judy (how do I get my website in here?)December 1, 2007 at 3:32 AM

    Pam...'another' hit from you! Wow...I am blown away at your wonderful home making blog. You are so good at this blogging & writing thing. How I wish I could come have some 'Pam' training for a bit! :-) This is so wonderful Pam - too wonderful for me to put rightly into words. I so understand how this computer can eat away our hours & days. I often sit & wonder how & why I used to seemingly have more time & do more...then it hits me - that was BC (before computers). I am striving to become more better at managing it. I think your binder is a fantastic idea & will be a great help. have now starved me as I read your recipes. I must try the potato pizza. Love you Pam!! Sending you big hugs!