Monday, December 10, 2007

Every Day Is Laundry Day

I love to do laundry. I don't like trying to get out stains and going through pockets and turning socks right side out, but I love when I have laundry to do. I especially love hanging my laundry on the clothes lines outside. That's just one of my all-time favorite things, but I also love winter-time laundry. We get very cold here and burn wood for our fuel supply 100% of the time. One advantage of perpetual remodeling of a very old house is that there are two heating ducts coming up into my pantry, one of which will eventually be a cold-air return. But for now it's like a blast of heat and things dry very nicely on the one line I have strung from one end of my pantry to the other. I am blessed to have a walk-in room-sized pantry which holds my washer and dryer, a ten-foot stretch of upper and lower cabinets and counter top, and a newly built closet just big enough to be useful as well as a spiffy new cabinet mounted above my washer and dryer. These two things came to our house over Thanksgiving time when Jack took a week off. I love helpful new things, and they are really making things much easier for me.

As I mentioned, we live in an old house and our water supply just comes up from a point in the ground, not a well. And we don't have soft water. All of this makes laundry more interesting. I enjoy the smell of April Fresh Downy and have been using that rather more than I had because I was needing the clothes to smell fresher. But, I've been doing some searching on the Internet while hunting for better homemaking ideas and skills, and ran across some horrible info on the evils of fabric softener and dryer sheets. Whether this is true or not, I am more inclined to believe it to be factual, so this is just one more way I can simplify things and have them be healthier at the same time. I read that vinegar is a wonderful fabric softener so I've been washing every load with vinegar in the rinse for days and days now. I'm quite satisfied! The clothes just smell nice and clean, and I like that. According to what I've read, just a 1/4 cup - 1/2 cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle will soften your laundry naturally and also rinses the detergent out more effectively. Here is an interesting link to a discussion on: Is there a way to make homemade fabric softener?

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  1. Ooh that's interesting, I have also heard how bad the sheets are for the environment, so when you use the vinegar it doesn't smell after at all on the clothing? I'll have to give that a try. :) ((hugz))