Friday, January 25, 2008

Crazy, Exhausting Day

I caught on fire today. It's actually really humorous aside from the shocking fact of it.  I was standing making the kids grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  I think I was daydreaming a bit.  I saw a little smoke, and then smelled something, which seemed weird to me.  I looked down at the bit of smoke and then saw that I had like sunlight dappled over the front of my little cardigan.  But then, I thought to myself...the sun is at my back. ??  And that was when I saw weird moving light climbing up my front.  Scream!  Honestly, I believe God spared me...had mercy on this silly woman because it just stopped and was gone.  I think it was the sweater maybe?? possibly flammable.  The brown singed-like color on my sweater stopped just short of my hair...what would have happened if it had reached my hair? 

It was so cold yesterday, it made going outside miserable.  I was so glad Jack was with me.  My first pressure check was very disappointing.  It was a point higher than a month ago.  I was so diligent this last month and really expected a better outcome.  It just left me feeling so blah and discouraged. We went to breakfast at Country Kitchen.  The coffee was horrible and weak.  The food was truly awful. My omelet tasted like eggs with too much water, and I'm sure the vegetables came out of a can.  Jack is adorable this way and insisted on trading breakfasts with me, but even at that, they had put this awful cheese sauce over his hash browns.  Needless to say we will never eat there again.  So then we went home for a bit.  We went back for the second pressures check.  It was the same.  I started feeling like I wished I didn't have to go for the other two checks.  What was the point?  The third check I didn't even ask.  She told me it was about the same as the other two.  So I was exhausted and discouraged by the time I saw my doctor in the afternoon, but he seemed very upbeat.  I am so thankful for this doctor.  He is a real blessing.  Firstly, he was very happy that he had the results from the four pressure readings because it gave him baseline information about me and how much or how little my pressures fluctuate throughout the day.  So there was real benefit in my going to the four checks.  Secondly, he told me that typically pressures for glaucoma patients are lower in the afternoon.  That last pressure check was three points lower than the morning checks and more what I had been hoping for. So, he was fairly pleased and seeing his reaction greatly reduced my discouragement.  Yet, since I usually see him in the morning, I still feel that my early pressures yesterday compared with past visits should have been lower to have been improved.  But, I am still glad he was pleased overall.  He did say that he would bump up my dosage on one of my drops to three times a day which I really didn't want to have to do.  I really don't like that drop.  I would love to replace it with something eventually.  I asked him if I could try a certain drop that we have passed over.  I've always been afraid it would darken the skin around my eyes so I had been ambivalent about trying it before, but now that things are getting more dicey and I don't have that many options left, I would hate to pass over a drop that might give me good results.  So I will try that drop in one eye to contrast it with what I am already doing in the other eye and see him again a month from now unless the drop reacts badly with my eye and I have to stop using it before then.  So all that to say, my long day yesterday ended better than it started.

Molly received her revised book cover today, and she is pleased with the changes they made.  So I think this is what the cover will look like.  You'll notice that she chose a pen name.  I had thought she was firm on just wanting to use her real name, but when we talked about it she said, no, she just hadn't given it any thought because she had no idea what she would do otherwise.  I encouraged her to use a pen name for a few different reasons, but then came picking one which seemed hard as nothing came to mind and how do you just pick some random last name?  So she began to pray about it and suddenly, just like that she thought of Evangeline.  When she first told me, I just didn't know what I thought but in the next little while, the more I thought of it the more I liked it!  It holds real meaning for her, and I think it really fits.  So this is exciting as it gets ever closer.


Have a great weekend!


  1. Ah sweetie, I'm so relieved for you that it's not getting any worse. Sorry that yesterday started so bad, and discouraging, but hopefully it ended better. :)
    Oh no, you really caught on fire ?!! Oh my goodness, you must have been so scared !!! Hopefully it didn't reach your hair & face ! Did you get burnt or hurt ? I SO DO hope not !
    Oh that's a great thing for Molly ... aaah a pen name ... that sounds so fantastic ! You must be so proud ! *Ü*
    Thanks so much for being such a fantastic friend. You're a real sunshine. :)
    Sending you tons of hugs, and wishing you a lovely weekend ahead ! OXOXOXOXOX

    PS : answered your emails some minutes ago, I hope you got it right.

  2. Hi Pam,
    Praying for you, you have been in my thoughts sweetie.

    Oh dear, you caught on fire! How scarey!! You didn't get burned at all, right? Thank God you are OK and He protected you.

    I am so happy for Molly, what a proud Mama you must be.

    Hope you are having a cozy evening.
    Take care dear friend.

    Lots of love

  3. Hi sweetie, I have been wondering how your appt. ended yesterday. Glad that your doctor was so upbeat, that is a good thing. Hoping that the new drops will help some if that is the road you chose to go.
    On FIRE....girlie, I can't imagine the fear that you must have had. I am so happy that you are okay.
    I know that you are so thrilled for Molly. I am and I'm not even her mom. :) I love her pen name. Can't wait to get the book.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

  4. OMG, I am glad you were not hurt. Once when we went camping, I lit a fire that my husband had soaked with firlighter fluid. The flames came up and singed my eyebrows and eyelashes and my arm hair, but I was ok, just upset at my husband. I don't like to be around BBQ's. That is really cool about the book cover and I love the pen name!