Friday, February 22, 2008

Barbecued Baby Back Pork Ribs

I wanted to share a little cooking info.  We love barbequed pork ribs.   The kind you go out for and figure you could never duplicate at home so you don't even try.  By the way, this is a crock pot story.  Over the years I've found which cuts of meat are consistently the most tender, like the Boston Butt for pork roast and the English cut for beef roast.  I cook all my meats like this in the crock pot, though to be safe I suppose you'd need to make sure your crock pot cooks hot enough.  Mine errs to the point of being too hot.  Everyone always assumes or asks if I put water in with the meat and I say no.  I just put it in on high to start, season with salt and pepper, and let it go until it's done.  I almost always have a delicious outcome with tender, fall-off-the-bone if there is a bone, meat and lots of broth to make gravy if that's the plan.  I often cook chicken breasts this way and save the broth, even when there's just a little, putting it in the freezer for another time. 


So the other day when we had baby back ribs in the fridge, I had a wistful desire to have great ribs but didn't expect that would be the outcome.  But, contrary to the cookbook instruction, into the crock pot they went, cooking merrily even through an unexpected quick trip to town.  I came home late to find them falling off the bone, perfectly cooked.  Slipped them into a glass cake pan, poured over some new BBQ sauce we found at Sam's Club recently called Cattlemen's Sweet Barbecue Sauce, and baked them just long enough for the sauce to bond with the meat.  Add a little frozen corn warmed up, a few microwave baked potatoes, and it was the most fabulous meal!  Those ribs were so good it almost made me cry.  It's a special moment when you realize you can have yummy ribs any time you want them. Happy

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