Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Masking Tape and Dog Hair

Pay zero attention to the fact that it is February when I say that putting away my Christmas tree skirt proved painless this year. Our yellow lab was really shedding at Christmastime, and I've been putting off trying to vacuum the hair off my felt tree skirt. Of course vacuuming didn't even begin to remove the hair, and I was getting quite frustratedAt wits end. I even had a bizarre moment where I thought of throwing this beautiful tree skirt away. But then I remembered something mom mentioned once. So I went to get the roll of masking tape, ripped off a length, wrapped it around my fingers sticky side out, and five minutes later my tree skirt looked like new. The success of this moment refreshed me so much I had newfound energy today. Batting Eyelashes

Now I know this was just common sense and I should have thought of it at the start, but I was blinded by the moment and thought I'd share in case you're prone to blind moments too.

Here are a few other masking tape tips:

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Light bulb Masking Tape Tips

Thumbs-up A product called Un-Du is said to easily remove years-old masking tape residue. From Ask the Builder, I read this:

Masking tape can be a nightmare when trying to peel it off after months or possibly years. Often it seems like a sandblaster is the only way to go. Fortunately I stumbled across a neat solvent that removes old tape, stickers and adhesive in situations like this. It is called Un-Du.

Thumbs-up Also check here to read about Un-Du.

Happy taping. Winking

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  1. Hi sweetie !
    Thanks for sharing this very useful tip, even though we don't have any pet at our home ! :) LOL But it may be handful for another reason, who knows ?!
    The new layout is so clear, that's really wonderful ! Good job !
    Thinking about you OXOXOXOX Big hugs, my friend