Monday, February 25, 2008

Movie Review - Rendition

Rendition I recently watched the movie Rendition.  I hardly know what to say except that it was very disturbing.  It deals with what is known as “extraordinary rendition,” a policy that began during the Clinton administration but which was used much more because of and since 9/11.  It allows American authorities to kidnap foreign nationals suspected of terrorist activities, and move them overseas to a place where they are questioned, tortured.  If there are people willing to blow themselves up and take the lives of other human beings, who believe they have the right, the duty to, I understand and advocate using torture to extract information which will stop this and save innocent lives.  I also understand this is an un-popularly held belief.  But I also believe we are dealing with an evil and animal mentality.  Still, this movie deals with what happens when the Egyptian husband of an American woman, an apparently innocent and upstanding family man, is whisked away and made to suffer grotesquely.  The movie and the documentary left me very troubled.  Because even though I know how I feel and why I believe what I do, there is a part of this I can not reconcile, the fact that many of these men are innocent.

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