Monday, February 18, 2008

Snow and More Snow

We got another six inches of snow yesterday, and it was snowing heavily again this morning for awhile. There sure will be a lot of snow to melt this spring. I'm still really enjoying it every time it snows, but I think most people, my kids included, are wishing it would stop. I got this in my email over the weekend.


Here are two pics I took this morning of the snow. So pretty!


  1. Love the cartoon! TOO CUTE! So happy to see new pics! I just love coming here. HUGS!

  2. Hi Pam! The snow pics are gorgeous but I bet you are tired of it. I'm on my way to see what you have added to your nature journal. LOL, at the cartoon! Stay warm. ((BIG HUGS))

  3. The snow shots are so pretty. I can't imagine living in that much snow. It looks like a postcard.