Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trying To Avoid the Flu Bug

HBspring For anyone who needs a little spring, visit one of my favorite web sites and just drown in the sight of it.  And if you want to be truly inspired, visit her My Studio link.

Actually, it felt like spring Monday. Happy
Today not so much, but Monday did what that kind of day usually does and gives you hope for "soon." 

spring kitchenI am reorganizing the upper cabinet left of my kitchen sink which houses  medicines, pain relievers,  and vitamins, things like that.  The bottom shelf is where I keep things I use daily.  There are things in there that I am not currently using but will at some point, so I put that away somewhere else.  Some areas get so cluttered and it's nice to get it all cleared out again.

Well, we have succumbed to the current flu bug.  Ick.  Jacob is home sick today.  There is an inordinate amount of stomach flu at his work place.  I just wish people would stop breathing all over everyone at a time like this.  So Jake brought it home and was sick last night, and Sam is sick today.  Neither of them have expelled anything.  It's just the thought that someone might.  The stomach flu is just never any fun.

So I close this with the hope that I will be back soon and still flu-free. Tongue out I want to be able to go to my eye appointment tomorrow to see if this new drop is working.

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