Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good News For Your Computer

pchell Because I had updated to another program, I had occasion to want to remove Windows Messenger but could not for the life of me find a simple way to remove it from my computer.  I feel silly saying that it is one of the joys of my life (because I have only had Broadband Internet for less than half a year) to be able to just sit down at the computer and type a question in search and come up with an answer in less time than it would have taken me to connect with dial-up.  But there you go, what a joy to be able to use my computer like a glorified dictionary/cookbook.  I promptly found this site, PC Hell, which appears to have anything and everything you might need to know to fix what we're capable of fixing without having to take your computer to the computer doctor.  I like that.  You'll find How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 7 in case your automatic updates installed it while you weren't looking or How to Remove Windows Messenger in Windows XP which is what I looked for originally.  How to Fix Problem of No Spell Check in Outlook Express I need to send to Mom who just came up with this problem on a new computer.  Or Save and Restore Desktop Layout of Icons which is a great idea if you've got everything just the way you want it and the computer gremlins come in and change it on you.  There are many "How to Remove" links, everything from Gator to McAfee to computer viruses.  I'll let you explore further on your own.

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