Sunday, March 2, 2008

Google Notebook

Google NotebookThe Google Notebook is a fabulous way of keeping track of things you find while surfing the Internet.  Ideally it keeps all your little "clips" for you, complete with pictures and automatically includes the link you clipped it from which is especially important if you later want to give credit to the person/place where you found something.  There are helpful editing features, like adding categorical tags, or notes to a link you've saved, or just your own notes as you surf.  Notes can be easily dragged and dropped from notebook to notebook, and you can have as many different "notebooks" as you'd like.  There is a search feature, and saving a clip is as easy as right-clicking and adding it to your notebook.  It is a great tool for researching.  The makers have this to say about it:

"That's why we built Google Notebook--to give you an online "notebook" where you can organize all your research, add personal notes to it, and share it with others. Google Notebook surfs along quietly with you as you browse, letting you clip and annotate whatever text, images, and links that help answer your question, all without ever leaving the web page you're on."

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