Friday, March 21, 2008

Love Those Words "He is Risen"

I have not felt very chatty lately.  Just busy, I guess.  And waiting for spring to come. Striaght Face The next five days or so are still below normal temps.  There comes a time you just need spring to at least tease you a little and let you know it's on its way.  It helped though that Jack surprised me the other day with a pot of bright yellow Gerbera Daisies.  Wonderful on my windowsill.

Well, I feel so newsless which is a cousin to listless, if you didn't know. Hee hee  Jack will be home early today.  I'm happy about that.  Jake is working and Molly is working all day, unexpectedly, and all day on Monday too.  We plan a lovely Easter with turkey and ham.

I've gotten some things accomplished in the last days, one of which was putting my web sets on The Hungering Heart again.  After all I've said about not having a graphic site anymore, don't wonder if I am changing my mind.  It's just something I wanted to do for now, probably because of the time of year and also because when I last uploaded these updated web sets, they were online a very, very short time before I took everything down.  So, the web sets are only online for a limited time.  Not sure how long.  I really love just having a site which is centered around a theme, a purpose, instead of graphics.  I like giving free Christian graphics and printables as a little bonus.  I don't want more than that.

Well, I think I shall make-believe I'm really ambitious today Winking and see what happens! Just wanted to mention, if you use Live Writer and suddenly find you get an error and can't publish a post, I wrote about it on Secondhand Links.  If I don't post this weekend or am not able to visit, have a wonderful Easter!


  1. Hello sweetie !
    Sorry I haven't replied your sweet email yet, but I promise I will tonight.
    I'm always happy to read you, even when you feel you have nothing special to say. At least, it means that life is good, doesn't it ? ;)
    I have worked most afternoon today remodelling my site. Please visit whenever you have time. I'd love to see you there, that's for sure !
    I wish you & your loved ones a very peaceful Easter !

  2. Hey girlie...just popping in to say hi and see what you are up too. I am sooooooooooo thrilled...that you are offering your graphics looking for a order from me soon. You know how busy I am at the please don't let me slip up and forget to order before you stop offering again. K? Will try to get to it sometime this weekend though.
    Today was a beautiful spring like day, it was such a wonderful tease to the upcoming months. But tonight it is extremly cold and talk of the *S* word. UGH!
    BTW, love your latest additions to your second hand links. Loving that site. Great work.
    Hope you have a wonderful blessed weekend.
    Love ya!


    Have a blessed Easter!! God bless.

  4. Hi Pam, I love that picture of Jesus and Mary. I have moments when I think I could just close my eyes and fall asleep. I have been walking outside and I love the sights of spring. I added some more pictures of my grandson.