Monday, March 17, 2008

Reinstalling Mozilla Firefox

firefoxI really love and prefer to use Mozilla's Firefox web browser.  I know IE supports tabs now, for browsing, but I just find Firefox to be cleaner visually.  I love that when I reopen Firefox I can have it set to reopen my windows and tabs from my last session.  Another thing I really like in Firefox are the Add-Ons.  I use FireFTP for uploading my files.  It is the easiest FTP program I have ever used, and the great thing is that it just opens in a tab in your web browser!  The Download Statusbar is another favorite as is Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer which I use to keep the bookmarks on my tower the same as the bookmarks on my laptop.  This is so helpful! and it works great.  I am able to keep a bookmarks "toolbar" just above my browser tabs, a horizontal string of folders with all my bookmarks organized and easy to click from.  The fabulous part of this is bookmarking-made-easy.  I just drag a tab to a folder and it saves that page bookmark in whichever folder I drag it to.  There are just a great many things I love about Firefox.

Still, I've been having some glitches which made some things a little frustrating.  I had tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that doesn't remove Firefox from your system so it doesn't really help.  This morning I suddenly had this one inch high solid tan horizontal bar underneath my browser window status bar.  Some other things seemed to be working oddly too, so I tried a system restore.  Everything was back to normal, except the tan bar was still there so I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox hoping whatever little setting had gone haywire would be righted.  The tan bar was still there. At wits end So I decided to find out how to uninstall Firefox completely.  I found this page which was very helpful.  ("This article contains instructions to uninstall Firefox and remove it from your system.") When I reinstalled I could tell that it was a nice new install.  But, the tan bar was still there. Rolling Eyes Back to the Google drawing board.  So I found this link, Gray bar below the status bar, and now the tan bar is gone.Big Grin  It took a little bit, but I finally found which extension was causing the tan bar.  So, just in case you ever need to know, this is how to get rid of that tan bar. Happy

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