Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sharing a New Site and Molly's Book Cover

It's sunny this morning, I'm home for the day, and I can chew on my left side now.  Applause It's the little things for me. Happy Deb from the dentist called night before last to let me know my crown came in a week early so did I want to come in early or keep my next week's appointment?  So I ran in early yesterday morning.  The appointment certainly took longer than I was expecting.  Also, I had thought the second appointment would be the easier of the two, but it wasn't.  This tooth probably isn't that healthy root-wise and when she took the temporary off, oh boy!  Surprise  I had the pleasure of feeling that nerve over and over for about an hour while they readied the crown for cementing in.  But as things seem pretty good so far, I am hopeful this retrieveAllImage.aspxtooth might straighten up and be happy for the duration.

Jack picked me up a new little vacuum yesterday.  I know it's better to have a bag, but I like a bagless and it is a nice little pull around canister vacuum.  I don't have any carpet in the house, and with Barley shedding most of the time, I need something quick and heavy duty.  I haven't really tried it yet, but I am hoping it will be a very satisfactory vacuum.

I have another little Blogger blog, not a blog really.  It's just a site to share links I come across.  The name is Secondhand Links . . . mainly because I often come across links other bloggers have found.  I probably wouldn't post currently something someone else posted currently.  On the other hand, there are so many blogs that so many never see, I guess there are enough links to go around. Winking And it's also a way to share things I've found that I think are noteworthy.

fullcoverlayout We got Molly's full cover layout the other night.  I was just amazed how beautiful it looked with the back looking so antique. Molly is so pleased.  After the proofreader checks this cover layout, I think there are only a few steps left, the ones below.


10)   Author-approved text to pre press

11)   Printer ready text to author

12)   Author signs off on authorization to print

13)   Text goes to print (books reach author in just under 3 weeks)

What else to share?  Besides the fact that Brett Favre retired?  Crying I've just been busy trying to keep up.  Jacob came home sick from work on Monday.  He was too lightheaded to drive home so Jack picked him up after work.  I will be glad when this virus is completely gone.  It just keeps popping back up every couple of days.  It will be so wonderful to open the windows and to walk out the door and feel fresh warm breezes on my face.


  1. Hi sweetie !
    Oooh ouch, I'm so sorry about the tooth pains, but now it's done & I hope it's not painful anymore. Teeth are certainly no fun. :(
    Oh wow Molly's book cover is simply gorgeous !! Yeah ! I hope everything will go along perfectly till the moment they'll be available in the shops ! *Ü*
    I wish you a great rest of the week, my friend ! Chris came back home this morning & it's almost weird to have him home ! XOXOXOXO Big hugs to you ! Take good care !

  2. I think that is my worst to deal with... tooth pain. YIKES!

    Congratulations on the book! Indeed a beautiful cover! Can't wait to see it go on sale! Will we be able to purchase an autographed copy? Hmmmmm????

    Blessings to you sweetie!

  3. Poor Jacob! This has been a nasty winter, hasn't it? It just goes on and on and on! I'm glad your tooth is all fixed. I hate tooth pain--it is so miserable. Molly's book cover is gorgeous. You must be so proud of her :D Have a great weekend sweetie. Big hugs!

  4. Hi Pam...popping in to see what is up. Sorry about your tooth pain. I hope it is feeling much better today, and hope the crown stays in place this time.
    Poor Jacob, hope he is feeling better too. Kick the ole flu and cold germs out of your house!!
    Molly's book looks great. I know she has to be so pleased. Again, I can't wait to get my hands on it.
    Went and checked out your new site. You have outdone yourself AGAIN! Left ya note there too. Have a awesome weekend sweetie!

  5. Hi Pam! I heard about Brett Favre retiring and thought about you ;o)I already use LibriVox to download audiobooks. It's great! I am on my way to check out the google notebook...looks very interesting.
    Molly's book cover is gorgeous. How exciting for her. Enjoy your Sunday. ((HUGS))

  6. Dear Pam, I'm finally online again after a very loooong time! :)
    I only manage to update my Graphic Shoppe till now, but hope to blog tomorrow.
    Will try to read all your old posts in the next few days. Molly's book cover is beautiful! Congratulations!!! How exciting!
    Have a happy Monday ahead! :)
    Big hugs, sweetie!