Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We Saw a Robin . . .

today, finally!!  It seems spring won't come until you see a robin.

Sorry about the lack of posts.  I'm feeling so blank.  Sometimes I find it easier to post to Secondhand Links or even The Hungering Heart, but I really wish I would think of something for my homemaking blogThinking  My mind is very fragmented lately, lots of thoughts in lots of areas.

I've had a spate of computer issues lately too, one is ongoing, and I think I'm going to need to reformat.  So that means a lot of backing up which I should do anyway.  I haven't for a long time, well ever on this computer!  And you know how much time computer problems take up so I haven't been doing much else when I have computer time.

Jack was home yesterday.  He had a day and a half that had to be used up before this month is over.  Tuesday is the only work week day that all the kids are home, so it was nice to just all be home and do things that needed to be done around here.

Well, I think I will post this as a woefully short hello.  At least it's something. Winking


  1. Hey girlie, I can relate to being blank. My mind is very fragmented at the moment too. Way to much on my mind and can't seem to sort everything out much less post a running thought.

    So glad you saw that robin today. I know spring is on it's way to you. In the 50's here today but the breeze is cold. But will not complain. :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Pam! I was so thrilled to see a tag from you! I have missed you & keeping up with your days. It's been so difficult lately. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers.

    I am so happy that you saw a robin. Now you can look forward to Spring for you.

    Have a blessed week Pam. I am going to make a 'real' effort to not go MIA again. I really do need to stay connected to friends as we go through these at times, dark days. Sending big hugs to you!