Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Windows Live Writer

livewriterthumb Just in case you have never tried it or heard of it, I wanted to mention Windows Live Writer.  It is a great little program for easily publishing to your blog.  It works with WordPress, Blogger, and most major blogging services.  It makes inserting photos, videos, links and other content quick and easy.  Especially if you have more than one blog.  One of the nicest features is being able to work on a post offline if you'd like and save the draft for later without having to publish anything or be online.  Conversely you can call up a post again which has already been published.  You can also integrate your blog design and graphics so that you can preview your post as it will look online.  Inserting and aligning photos with your text is wonderfully easy, as is the nice feature of adding a drop shadow or photo paper which makes it look like a Polaroid photo.  There are also some very nice image effects.  The nicest feature, for me, is not having to upload photos anymore.  When you insert the photo into your post, you're done.  The photo is uploaded automatically when you publish your post.  Here is a nice review: 12 Reasons Why I Like Windows Live Writer.  Try it if blogging takes you just a little longer than you'd like it to.  I think you'll be pleased!

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