Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tundra Swans

One of the highlights of springtime is when the swans pass through.  They are very beautiful, and their sound, while very familiar, is slightly different than the Canadian Goose.  I love Canadian Geese and always go to the door to listen as they fly over.  It's just a sound I really love and always feel so blessed to hear.  So it is interesting to listen to the swans.  They are beautiful in flight, big, graceful, and white, especially against a gray sky full of impending snow.
Now that our snow is finally melting, it collects in the fields which then provides a great place for the swans to visit for a day.  I wish they would stay longer.
I wish my telephoto lens were kinder to me. Winking
But you can see how beautiful they are.
And of course, it always snows in April, right?
Here is what the pond looks like now, sans swans.

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  1. Wow! Very cool pictures! I am so glad you share your pictures because I love seeing nature from all around our country.

    Been thinking about you a lot, girl. I'm sorry I don't write very much - don't get a lot of time on here lately, so I have to cram all I can into the time slots!

    You're my buddy though.. my very good, precious buddy.

    Take care of yourself.