Monday, May 26, 2008

An Asparagus Cooking Tip

Do you like asparagus? I'm so happy it's growing again. I just wanted to share a favorite way to cook it. I slice the spears into little discs and fry them up in butter. I love the way it turns out. Very good. Smile
cooking asparagus


  1. Hello sweetie !!
    Wow, the new look is splendid ! Your bowls are so pretty & so country, I love them !
    Thanks for reminding me Martha's pinwheel idea ! They look gorgeous !
    Btw, I loooove asparagus ! They're so yummy !
    Sending big hugs your way XOXOX

  2. I recently found your blog by traveling through links (not sure where I started), but I love it. We will be growing asparagus next year and then have to wait 3 more years to enjoy it, but I'm eager to begin.
    The recipe sounds delicious, thanks for sharing and as to the post below, you must be so proud of your daughter!!