Tuesday, May 20, 2008

U.T.I. Road Trip

Wisconsin roads are named by letters, as opposed to numbers, which has always been a little hard for me to adjust to, having grown up in Minnesota.  But U,T, and I are not the names of the highways we traveled yesterday.  I'm thinking it's more probable that you girls saw UTI and understood immediately.

Jack was due home before 12, the kids and I were doing last minute packing, and in the midst of that I suddenly found myself in the throes of a horrible UTI.  This is no stranger to me.  I've been UTI free for two or three years now which is huge to me because at one point I had them every couple of months for the better part of a year.  It's something you get really serious about really fast and try to avoid at all costs.

So I found myself on the phone trying to see if they wouldn't just please let me go to the lab since we were leaving to go out of town and because there were no openings.  Well, no, that would be asking just too much.  So I was just majorly stressing because all the while I'm trying not to forget last minute things to pack and trying to find a way to get in to the clinic, you are aware of two things.  The pain is going to increase rapidly and it won't subside until after you've seen someone and obtained medication.  I did take those AZO pain pills, but they didn't do anything this time or maybe it would have been even worse had I not taken them.

Long story short, Jack came home and they finished without me, I gritted my teeth on the way to the truck and we drove about 45 miles to a larger town where there was a walk-in clinic.  And of course with a UTI you know you feel like you have to pee almost every other minute so it was, I can truthfully say, horrible.  Horrible, horrible, horrible.  And I was so stressed out over the thought of battling this while traveling.  But the clinic people were wonderful and it only took about an hour.  I finally got some medication, and after two miserable potty stops and an hour for the pill to work, the constant pain finally lessened.  Wow.  We women can handle a lot.  A lot.  But give her a UTI and watch her crumble.  I think this was the worst one I've had.  I was still passing blood late last night, but I am feeling a lot better this morning.

The weather is cool, but it is sunny.  I am relaxing in the room, the kids are swimming, and Jack is at his meeting for work which is why we are here.  We will be leaving tomorrow already.  I would love to stay longer sometime.  It is so beautiful here and our room is modest but very cozy.  Maybe I'll have some pictures to post when I get home.  Have a great week! Wave


  1. Oh Pam...so sorry to hear that you had to go through all that pain, and right before your trip. I am glad you are feeling better today, but hope that your not overdoing it. Please take this time away to rest and enjoy yourself. Just keep taking those meds. I hate UTI's. Your right they can be so painful.
    Hopefully this will not last forever. Will be praying for a speedy recovery. Hugs!

  2. Hi Pam, that is good that the clinic took you right away. I haven't had a UTI in a long while, but you never forget hot HORIBLE it is!!!! I hope you all have a nice vacation. Hugs

  3. EIIIIII YIIII YIIII... like Susan said "you never forget how horrible they are!" I had them CHRONICALLY for the first several years I was married... tried everything to stop them...each one was worse than the one before. I can remember passing PURE BLOOD with no urine mixed in. It was TERRIBLE! (I'd rather go through labor and my babies were all sunnyside up so I had terribly painful labors)

    Dr. finally concluded I was "allergic" to my husband - SERIOUSLY! LOL! For real! He really didn't care for what it took to drive those infections away for good... but whatever it took, I was for it.

    I am so glad you were able to see a doctor and get relief. One of the worst infections I ever had was contracted while on honeymoon. UGH... and we had to travel about 9 hours by car, to get back home where I could see my doctor. Ooooh, how your comments about the agony of the car ride came rushing back to me. I FEEL YO PAIN, SISTER!! Sigh!
    Keep that water going and flush those germs down the potty!

    Love ya!
    P.S. I am continually amazed at how many things we have in common! It's scary! LOL!

  4. ACK!!!!!!!!! I am SO, so very sorry!! I have never had one of those nasty infections before. I am so sorry that you have been in so much pain. :( My heart goes out to you!! Take good care and have a safe trip home. God bless.

  5. Aww, man, Pam--I'm sorry you had to endure that! I had a UTI after I graduated from high school and I didn't know what was wrong with me, but it got so bad and my fever got so high that I was dozing off and dreaming that I was dying. It was bad. I had back pain and thought I had just pulled a muscle. Didn't know about my kidneys back then :p Anyway, I hope you are feeling much better now and I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Big hugs!!