Friday, June 20, 2008

Just Teetering

Have you ever felt like you are teetering on the brink of change but you just keep teetering?  It can be tiring, exciting, frustrating.  Hopeful.
1.  I have just marveled in the last week, knowing that some were experiencing temps of 95° F. even triple digits, etc.  while we wake to only 50°.  One morning it was only 46°.  I had forgotten the window in the pantry  open overnight.  The tile was ice cold.   It just seems so odd at this time of year not to wander down in the morning wearing shorts.  Or wear shorts at all for that matter.   We did just have a couple of completely lovely days though.  I hung laundry and it dried nicely.  Perfectly.  That's a perfect summer day to me.
2. The other day Jacob was singing and for some reason the snatch of tune, though a completely different song, took me back.  Oh the memories, my first album.

3.  My computer has been very squirrel-y.  There have been a few "serious errors" and some other scary moments.  So I've been backing up files.  At least I got my photos backed up from the last year.  That would have been tragic.  And some other things I surely didn't want to lose.  But I'm not done.  It feels like I never will be done.
4.  Last night Jack and I took the Mule and Molly, Jacob, and Sam climbed in the back.  (Picture a "vigilante" look Grin, without the guns of course.)  We zoomed around the yard like we used to when the kids were little.  Back then we had a three wheeled thing with a bench seat and a little back end.  The kids would sit in the back, and we'd tool around and around the yard.  I miss the days when the kids were little.  So it's fun to have a little vehicle again that we can, actually, all climb into.
Kingdom Come 5. I just got the book Kingdom Come from the library.  It is the last in the Left Behind series.  I have not read the Countdown prequels yet, but I did want to read this one since I enjoyed Glorious Appearing so much.

image6. I'm also starting to re-read and edit Molly's second book, Every Tear.  This one, for some reason, I never finished reading so I am anxious to keep reading and find out what happens to her characters.  It has been fun hearing from people who have finished reading the first book.

7.  I am getting company next weekend, in a week.  Mom and Dad! In Love and my brother and my sister and their families.  It will be a short time, but sweet.  I hope our weather is good.
8. We are going to an outdoor concert tonight to see  Need to Breathe.  I love love their song Signature of Divine (Yahweh).

Signing off now . . .   I still have not been round to visit.  But you have been in my thoughts. Not one care


  1. Hi Pam. I can relate to the teetering on change that you are feeling. Unfortunately, for us it didn't come, but I'm ok with it now. I pray that whatever happens for you is wonderful and exciting. Have a blessed weekend my friend. Big hugs!

  2. Hi Pam.

    I read several posts. Yes, this layout (and my current layout) do remind me of "the old days" of blogging. :) LOVE the blogging nostalgia. :) And, I love the pink in here too. :)

    The weather... Just downright weird!! We did have a week of stellar weather in the Twin Cities, though...70s and 80s with little rain.

    How wonderful to go to an outdoor concert!! I love them and I agree with you...I absolutely LOVE that song!! It is one of those songs that I listen to and sing along with on the radio but have no idea WHO is singing the song...LOL. Maybe I'll see if this song is on Playlist. Have a wonderful weekend, Pam!! God bless.

  3. Hi Pam - I can relate to the teetering on change too. In fact, it has felt like that for me for a long, long time.

    I miss when my boys were small too. They grow up so fast, but I am thankful that I now have Elliot & Emily. They are such blessings!

    It is in the triple digits here, & I will say, I wish I had a little bit of your cooler weather right now. It is SO hot here!

    I loved the song! Hope you had a wonderful time at the concert.

    Please don't forget - I want an autographed copy of Molly's book. Maybe I need to email you for that. Take care Pam. Love you, & sending big hugs your way!

  4. Hello sweetie :)
    Sure I haven't found the time to visit neither, but I keep you dearly in my thoughts, and you know that, right ? *Ü*
    I'm so happy you finally get some warm weather, though your nights seem to be soooo chill, wow !
    Sending you all my warmest thoughts & sweetest hugs. XOXOX Sorry for the computer that's misbehaving ... Take good care, my sweet friend ! Love you tons ! OXOXO

  5. Hi Pam! Thanks for the link to your blog (and again for your graphics!!). I see many familiar faces here :-)

    I like Tammy can relate to that teetering on change and like Tammy, mine didn't come either (at least not the way I expected). I hope yours turns out to be a blessing!

    We are having that strange un-summer like weather here in Toronto too. Blech! I just want to see the sun! I'm heading to NC to get me some the end of the week. I'll try & send some up north while I'm there ;-)

    How exciting for you to be "editor" of Molly's books. I'm taking Jerry Jenkins' Christian Writers Guild course. I wish I had started writing earlier. I think it's great that Molly is using her giftedness for God's glory! Happy reading :-)

    Hugs xo

  6. Hey sweetie. Had to leave a little note to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I sent you a email, hope you got it. I'm out the door but your lifting you in prayer and wanted you to know.

    Love ya!!!

  7. Hi Pam, I remember the song A Time for us. I think it was from Romeo and Juliet? I kind of feel like how you mentioned. We have been in the 100's the past few days and it is hard to sleep at night. Life is full of changes, some hard. I have to keep my mind on God. I know you do too. He is with us through the changess of our loves. Hugs