Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lovely Summer Morning

Hello ladies, friends of my heart.  I appreciate you all so much. In Love I just wanted to post a bit while the week still feels young.  I've been busy cleaning things that need to be cleaned and organizing things that have needed to be taken care of.  I feel really good about what we've been accomplishing.
This spring has been so fickle that the flowers we bought on our anniversary haven't been doing that well, except for the orange Gerberas thankfully, and we hadn't found time to do anything beyond that.  I remembered how much I enjoyed my red begonias last year so Jack brought a bunch home yesterday, and some pink ones too.  I have them in all my big tubs now, so that will be nice to have them blooming prettily here.  Besides, so late in the year they are cheaper now too which is really nice.  I also have daisies blooming various places too that we did not plant, another plus.
Jacob is at work, but Molly and Sam and I just took the Mule down to sit by the river for awhile.  It is sunny and it was so peaceful watching the fish make rings on the surface of the water as they caught bugs, and I love listening to the birds singing.  This is one reason the Mule is so important to me, so I can go down there when I feel like it, just to get away for a bit or to see the river.  Watching the water is just a very satisfying thing.  I would love to take a book sometime, or my laptop, to get in a routine of spending time down there like I have always wanted to.  The nice thing about the Mule is that it is a built-in chair, no needing to bring one along, etc.  The only thing that would make it better is a giant mosquito net. Wink
Regarding my "teetering," it is nothing so grand or exciting as a new change or something happening, etc.  I should have written more, to be more specific, but I feel like I have been so complainy in the last months.  I get sick of myself, and I don't want to subject you to that anymore than I already have.  The change is just personal changes I have been trying to make.  The frustration comes when I look back at the amount of time that goes by from and since the time I aim for the change or think it is just about to occur.  Yet, as I mentioned, I am hopeful above all.
We had a really good time at the Needtobreathe concert.  It was raining a bit up until the time the concert started so we were thankful that it stopped.  The kids got their merchandise autographed and a picture with the band. 


I really like this band, very southern, kinda bluesy.  I was charmed by their open smiles and the sweetness of these guys.  The lead singer has an awesome voice.  They sang Washed By the Water which was really wonderful live.  I love the video too, a lot.

Jack and the kids went to the Building 429 concert the next night.  The kids enjoyed that one more.  They really really liked it.  I enjoyed myself too, just quiet at home, and I knew they would bring home a video of the concert too as they did the night before so I would still get to see what the concert had been like.  I finished watching 27 Dresses which was an okay movie, and I backed up some more of my computer.  It was a nice night for all of us.
Well, this is all I should take time for today.  Thank you for your visits - I appreciate your notes. Not one care


  1. Sounds like you've had a very busy time, Pam! I love how down in the States there are so many great concerts to go to. I don't seem to find that up here or else I guess I'm just too much of a homebody when I'm home to seek them out ;-)

    Your time down at the river sounded wonderful. There is something magical about water isn't there?

    Hope you have a fantastic remainder of your week!

    I still haven't had a chance to get my hands on using those graphics but soon... very soon!! hee hee.

    Hugs xo

  2. ahhhh, the river. I bet that's simply beautiful! When I was younger, my best friend and I would go to the creek and just hang out there all day. I love that!

    Sending you tons of hugs!! The videos you post are great! :) Have a great week hon!

  3. WOW! You have been a busy girl! I am sitting here listening to Donnie O. singing "A Time For Us". I still can't figure out why he did not wait for me. He was supposed to be my husband! Geez! What's up with that? LOL!

    *sigh*... And my best friend Melissa was marrying Jay. Hmmmph. Those guys just were not loyal to us at all!!!

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane! HUGS!

  4. Hi Pam....I always love visiting with you! You have such a sweet way with words in the way you say things.

    I do hope you get to spend more time by the river, just as you want to. The way it sounds, summers are short & quick there, so please do take that special time for yourself. You deserve it.

    Glad you all enjoyed the concert. Your children look like they are beaming, so they must have really loved it.

    Have a blessed week Pam. We 'will' fit that visit in...soon. Hugs!

  5. Me again...I am not 'Judyq'...guess I accidently hit the 'q' key. :-)

  6. Hi Pam! Just wanted to say thank you for your post at Second Hand Links for Live Writer! It was really easy to get going with his following your instructions! Thanks again! ((BIG HUGS))

    P.S. What size and name of font are you using in your post here?