Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Strawberry Patch

I meant to blog early this month with pictures of our strawberries.  We were just enthralled with ourselves. LOL We got a couple handfuls of strawberries out of our newly planted patch last summer, but this summer yielded just a thrilling output.  Bounty is the only word for it.  They were huge! and luscious and plentiful.


One of the last pickings yielded 30 pounds of berries.
That was a fun summer


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Move Over Pride and Prejudice

north-and-southMolly and I enjoyed something together last Sunday afternoon and evening that I just had to share. It's something fun we'll always remember doing together. Run, run, I tell you! to the nearest library, video store, or Amazon store to secure BBCs North & South mini series and watch it through to its very perfect ending and then you will immediately begin watching it all over again. Oh my. How could this gem have been in the world without me knowing?? (Move over Pride and Prejudice. Did I say that?!) It was so fun. So fun the DVD is wending its way toward me even now from Molly and I could literally not stand not having it in our permanent possession. Well, after this I dearly hope if you watch it you'll feel the same and I haven't steered you wrong. I doubt it. It might take a little bit to get into the movie, which is four hours, but I daresay it will draw you in and leave you breathless at the end as it did us. Winking So sweet.