Monday, August 25, 2008

My Days of Late

Oh, I hope your weather is as beautiful for you as ours is for us today.  I love August, just love it!  We have had some of the most beautiful summery days in the last month.  Early summer was such a disappointment, weather-wise and our mosquitoes were beyond horrible, so this has been a real treat.  Being mosquito-free comes with a price, it is very dry here, but we have had a few little rains.  You can sure feel fall coming though.  Jack said his truck thermometer read 35 degrees (Fahrenheit) when he left for work at 5:30 this morning.

I just wanted to express my joy ... of late ... there have been some very difficult things in the last year, most on-going, things that hurt my heart.  But God is faithful, even through the times I feel like I can't feel Him.  And then when the sky seems to part and I feel the warmth of Him shining down on me/us again, it is all so worth the pain and heartache of trials and learning.

There have been so many times that I have intended to write up a little blog entry.  But honestly, I have just been enjoying being with my family, and spending a lot of time with Jack.  Several notable things have occurred.  Hope you'll read to the end as this post culminates in really exciting news.

Coffee-cupJacob finally gave notice at his job.  It is a good job, and Jack and I are so proud of his performance there, but it has been an awful source of stress.  I've been real concerned about him over the last months.  He gave his notice some time ago, but his co-workers talked him into staying.  Various things culminated and now, at 17 and entering his last year of school, he felt it was time to narrow his focus for awhile and concentrate on school.  It was hard for him working so many hours during the last school year.  So this will be a good change.  His last day is Wednesday.

Coffee-cup Jack bought the movie Flywheel the other night.  We so love this movie.  We saw Facing the Giants some time ago, and I was so so so impressed with that movie that I couldn't wait to see Flywheel.  When we did, I was just so touched.  Both movies from the Kendrick Brothers are just so good.  So I am happy to have both of these movies in our library.  I love to tell about these movies, how great they are! and I hope if you haven't seen them you'll make an effort to find them somewhere.  I am excited to see the new one, Fireproof.

Coffee-cup I am making a concentrated effort to edit Molly's book, Every Tear.  I have so many things I am doing lately, and now with school starting soon, that I think I will have to make myself a schedule.

Coffee-cup We went to another Needtobreathe concert. smile I love their CD The Heat.  They sang the acoustic version of Washed by the Water.  We were all up close.  It was a moment I won't ever forget.

Coffee-cup I am still completely enamored with digital scrapbooking and can't believe I almost never tried this.  The only bad thing is that I can't just have fun doing it, now I had to find out how to make the things that I am working with.  On the flip side, that has been a lot of fun.  I needed something like this and actually feel it was a blessing.

Coffee-cup Other than this I have been doing a lot of laundry. LOL I know all too soon I won't be able to hang clothes out on the lines anymore.  I enjoy this so much.  So I have been a happy clothes-hanging fool.

Coffee-cup And now, I have saved the best for last, for anyone who has read down this far. wink

Jack received a phone call the other night, a Friday night, from a co-worker who was at the stock car races.  He told him that Jack had been announced the winner of a drawing Jack had entered awhile back.  There was always the chance that someone with the same name was the winner, so he had to wait until Monday morning to find out definitively, but all weekend we heard from different people who had also heard Jack's name announced.  So bright and early Monday morning, Jack got a phone call telling him he had won, a brand new four-wheeler.  I was so tickled for him!  He's never won anything big before, and this was a real blessing for us.

Hopefully I'll be back soon.  Various ones of us have been sick. Sad First Jack, who is never sick, then Molly, now Jacob.  He's feeling sick enough maybe he'll even miss his last two long days at work. I hope not, but sometimes things can't be helped.
Take care...Wave


  1. Hi girlie, just popped in to see if there was a new post and woohoo there is. Good for me. :) Sounds like you've had alot going on there this summer. And glad that it has been a good time with family. I really believe we all need that.
    Congrats to Jack on his new toy! What a great you both will have on that.
    Hopefully this will take this post, the one I left this morning on your last entry wouldn't take....ugh!
    Hugs sweetie!

  2. I am so glad things have been going better for you lately!!! That's what life is all about...having good moments and knowing God is seeing us through the bad ones and then having MORE good ones!!! :)
    I am sooooo thrilled that it is almost fall! Seeing the leaves change colors is sooo wonderful! Although, I too will miss hanging the clothes out once it gets too cold!

    CONGRATS to your hubby on the 4 wheeler!!! How truly exciting!!! That is AWESOME!!!! I bet he is loving it! Have you ridden on it with him?? :)
    Have a wonderful Tuesday Pam!!!

  3. Hello sweetie :) It's been quite a while since I last stopped ... I'm so sorry.
    I see you've been having a great summer so far ! I'm so happy for you ! Busy-ness means no time to get bored, eheh !
    Congrats on Jack and his new 4 wheeler ! And red, wow !! LOL
    Thinking about you so much, sweetie. I hope you're doing fine. Love you XOXOX

  4. Hi Pam :-)

    I'm so happy to read that God has lifted your spirits and brought joy back to your soul :-) YAY GOD!!

    We are still mosquito ridden here in the Southern Great Lakes. I got 2 bites on the bottom of my foot on the weekend that about drive me buggy some days. Oh well.. the joys of summer and flip flops ;-)

    Very cool about Jack's new toy he won!! Have you taken it out for a spin yet?

    Hope you continue to have uplifting and joy filled days! God bless you Sweet Pam!

    Hugs xo

  5. Hi Pam!
    Sorry I haven't been by to visit in so long. I haven't been blogging for awhile, but finally posted last night.

    I hope you are doing well and enjoying the end of summer. Congrats to Jack on winning the 4wheeler, that is SO cool!! :)

    Take care sweetie.


  6. Hi Pam, I sure had a nice visit. I would love to learn digital scrapping. Would Photoshop elements work? I think I have that. I love the blog look. Congratulations on Jacks new toy!
    I just finished a big project of scanning pictures and have pictures dating back to my great great grandmother. Well I am off now to check on the baby. Thanks for emailing me. Big hugs.

  7. Ciao dear Pam, how are you? Just stopped by to see if you posted & wish you a wonderful Friday & weekend ahead! I will be back visiting when I feel better. Etcì! LOL! HUGS & smiles.

  8. Hi Pam,
    How are you? Hope you are doing well. Miss you very much.

    Take care sweetie.

    ~love & hugs~

  9. Hi Pam,

    I DO miss you so much!! I drop in here almost daily, hoping to find a post from you. A 'big' hole in the blogging world when you are missing.

    I hope all is well - I keep you in my thoughts & prayers. I have been meaning to email for the longest time & feel very badly about this not coming to be yet. I am so enjoying Molly's book! How incredibly proud you must be Pam! Please hurry back to us. Love you much! Hugs

  10. Hi Pam - pesty here again! I do miss you, & feel concern that you haven't posted in awhile. I hope all is well with you. I'm keeping you in prayer. How the digital scrapbooking going? Is this where you are??? :-) Love you Pam...miss you! Hugs

  11. Where are you? I miss you! Hurry out soon to play...K?

    Love ya,