Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Visit With Helen

It's always so hard to catch up with things after you've been away.  We had a really lovely time at my great aunt Helen's party.  I saw so many people I have not seen in years.   It was Helen I wanted to see though and it was good to hug, see each other face to face, clasp hands now and then.  I cherish times like these, times with family, and it's always hard when they come to an end.  I got to see a flower garden quilt Helen made before she was even married, sewn all by hand.  And she gave me my great grandfather's shirt and vest, the ones he wore at his wedding, along with one cuff and the neck piece.  And my great grandmother's gloves.  Here is a wedding photo of that day.

my great grandparents

I treasure these items for other reasons as well, but to receive something Helen has kept and treasured, makes it all the more special.  I have received other things from her, like tea cups and my great grandmother's coffee/tea service.  I will post more pictures sometime.

Here are the other two pages I did for Helen.  I was so happy that she seemed especially touched by them.  I had wanted to give her something that she could enjoy over and over.

Helen page 4

Helen page 3
There's something else I saw the day of the birthday party, an old issue of a 1950 McCall's magazine that always tickles me every time I see it.  I'll post about that next time. wink


  1. Oh my! Lovely gift you made for your great aunt Helen! :D Wow, I wish I could make scrapbooking too, but I am toooo lazy ;) Hugs Pam!!!

  2. Toc! Toc! ... Just popped in to let you know hubby & I are FINALLY back blogging! Go to and click on BLOG on the left menu. Stop by if you have a free min. Hugs & good night! :)

  3. I love old photos!!! That wedding pic is gorgeous! And i love the scrapping pages you made for your great aunt!!! Soooo sweet! :)

  4. I so wish I had photos like that from my family, but mine seems to keep close to nothing. Those pages are so sweet though! It would be hard to not be touched by something so beautiful and thoughtful :)