Friday, August 15, 2008

Simple Pleasures - The Thrift Store

I love loving the things I love to do. not one care Frequenting the thrift store is high on that list.  So it is a nice thing that, as of yesterday, our small town now has its very own thrift store.Dancing

We went to check it out last night, and I found some fun little treasures.  I'm drinking now out of my new favorite mug, a fabby little red mug (below) with vintage-looking detail like vertical indented grooves, but Molly read the print on the bottom (because I couldn't without my glasses LOL) and she said it was JC Penney.  I also found that blue little pitcher creamer thing which will look adorable holding little yellow violas next spring.

And Jack found two boxes of these Martha Stewart bistro mugs.

I can scarcely get past the book's just so hard to stop looking and walk away.  I found two Lori Wick books I did not have: The Rescue and City Girl.  In new condition, no less.

image image

I haven't been reading any of Lori Wick's newer books.  I don't know what happened, but for me it's just like they are not the same.  It's like someone else is writing for her now.  Sad But I love so many of her older books.  Especially The Proposal, which is the first in the English Garden series, before The Rescue.  And I loved Every Little Thing About You which is the first in the Yellow Rose Trilogy with City Girl.  It's just fun because Molly is enjoying reading them too and it's fun to share a favorite author.

Colleen Dewhurst, Her AutobiographyI also found Colleen Dewhurst's autobiography.  I love autobiographies, and I had started reading hers on Amazon...the inside the book look thing.  So I was really happy to find it at the thrift store and actually, it was not there the first time I looked.  Jack was checking out, and I strayed over to the books again. In Love And that was when I found it.  I think Colleen Dewhurst was a fabulous actress, and I'll always love her as Marilla Cuthbert of Anne of Green Gables fame.


Sweet land

Lastly, we stopped first at a little place that sells used DVDs.  I found Sweet land for $2.99.  This is such a sweet little movie, simple and charming.  I just loved it.  It is an immigrant story which takes place in my home state of Minnesota.  The colors in the movie are just wonderful and the whole story is just so different and enjoyable.  Just a true gem, and I was so happy to find it.


  1. Pam, What a joy to read about your time with your Aunt! I am so glad that you got this time with her & family. The older one becomes, the more special these times are. I 'love' the two new pages you did for her! They are beautiful, & it's wonderful that you gave her something to give her a smile & joy over & over.

    So you have a thrift store now??? I am happy for you, & it's fun to imagine you spending time there, & picking up 'treasures'. I do love the mug & the pitcher! I am a 'mug' addict - I can never have enough.

    I love autobiographies too. I will have to check out your new buy.

    There is so much that I want to say, but it seems I write a book each time I visit here! I will be in 'big' trouble if you put a word limit! :-) Love you Pam! Hugs

  2. Thrift store shopping is the BEST!!!
    I actually have the Proposal and The rescue lined up to read next!!!!!! :)
    Have a great week Pam!

  3. Reading your post today, Pam made me all happy inside... happy to read about the great finds you found that brought you such joy! I love the new red mug!

    I enjoy reading biographies too! I just finished not too long ago Denise Jackson's book (wife of country singer Alan Jackson). It was very good!

    I hope you are having a WONDERFUL week & I'll be back again soon to check in with you.

    Hugs xo

  4. Hi Pam! Just checking back to see if I find a new post. No luck. :-( Your posts always brighten my days (& nights as it is near midnight here, & I should be in bed). I am sure you are busy digital scrapbooking. Once it gets you, it GETS you! :-) Love you Pam. Sending you big hugs

  5. Hi Pam...finally have a few minutes to leave a comment. Thanks for your visit the other day. I have been here several times looking for a new post but no luck. I love reading what you have been up to.

    I love your little finds you got while thrift shopping. I have a little collection of those pitchers. Aren't they great?

    You mentioned Lori Wick books...thinking of trying out a few of hers, as I have just about read all the ones I have of my favorite authors, need to find someone else I enjoy.

    Hope you are having a great week and have a fun Labor Day planned!