Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where Is That Live Writer Shortcut??

Hi there girls. smile I just wanted to pop in quick and say that I'm here, alive, if not completely well. LOL So many times in the last few days I've intended to post a little blog entry...and then another day will go by.  I think most everyone goes through this...with blogging...times when you are just away.  I began blogging in 2005 so I haven't been blogging nearly as long as most of you, and yet, in all of that time, three years, I have never taken a true break.  It might have seemed I did, but I was always still very occupied/preoccupied with blogging and visiting.  This is the first time in all of this time that I have just been completely occupied/preoccupied with my family and our life.  I have to confess I have loved it...

It's a birthday week for us, Molly's 20th today, and mine on Saturday.  We had plans to be out and about, but I requested they leave me behind. Sad I got hit hard and fast with a UTI this morning and some of us know how truly fun they can be. wink


  1. Hi hon! Just wanted to stop in and say hello and see how you are! I also got a UTI a week ago...they are so painful!! I hope you are feeling better. I took a round of antibiotics so I'm on the mend I think.

    Sending you hugs! I love the layout in here - so beautiful!

  2. Happy birthday to you and Molly!

    I am sorry to hear you got a UTI, I hope it goes away quickly.

    sending hugs and blessings!

  3. Hi Pam!! You have put a smile on my face! I was so happy to see a post today. I have missed you something awful! Welcome back to us. I'm glad you have been away just enjoying your family. Nothing can compare to those times, nor can anything take priority over it. Good going, for doing this.

    I do hope you uti goes quickly. They are the worse!

    Happy birthday to you & to Molly! I hope you get spoiled to the hilt!

    I am doing a giveaway (my blogging first), so I do hope you feel up to stopping in & entering Pam. Love you...have a blessed weekend! Hugs

  4. Oh hello Pam !
    Sorry I've been such a bad blog pal ... but I'm here today to wish you a very happy birthday ! :) I do hope you'll get to have treat for yourself, no matter how small or how big. I just hope you're happy right now.
    Oh sorry for the UTI, I'm crossing my fingers it will clear ASAP & that you'll be painfree ASAP too.
    Thinking about you a looooot, sweetie. Please take good care ! OXOXOXOX

  5. Happy birthday to Molly! And welcome back ;) to you, dear Pam. I missed you! Hope the UTI goes away soon. Hugs & take care!

  6. Dear Pam, I sent you an e-mail last week to wish a very very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY - buon compleanno! :) But you probably did not get it. Anyway, I hope you had a great day and have been spoiled for your beautiful family. Thinking of you... Best wishes from Zeno too, of course. HUGS and smiles your way!

  7. Pam...please hurry back to us. I do miss you! You gave me a glimmer of hope, that I could look forward to more posts, & I do so hope that you are back soon. I know you are just enjoying family, & that is a good thing - a wonderful thing! For me though - I miss you & want them to share you. :-) Maybe you are still celebrating your special day. :-) Or better yet - maybe you are scrapbooking some beautiful pages & just enjoying life & your memories in this way. I love you - hope you post soon. Hugs!

  8. Ah Pam... a UTI... BLECH! Hope you're feeling better.

    Belated Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you had a really enjoyable one and I'm so glad you've been enjoying the time away from your blog to spend with your loved ones!! We all need a break sometimes ;-)

    I have missed reading your updates but I've had my fix for today ;-) Take care & have a GREAT weekend!

    Hugs xo