Friday, October 31, 2008

A New Addition to Our Family

Boy time goes quickly!  I wanted to write a little non-political post. wink  Though I'll be so glad when next Tuesday has come and gone.  I am feeling optimistic though, that the people of my country have taken a strong second look at Barak Obama and have learned from his own mouth that his plans for us are not what this country believes in and has fought for.  And that's all I'll say about that, for now.

It is a beautiful day today, a little warmer.  We have had many cold days, mostly cold, and a beautiful snow one day.  I do enjoy so much that we are burning wood again.  We have all our wood for the winter brought in from the woods and stacked neatly outside.  I love the look of that.  Jack continues to cut more here and there, just to get ahead for next year, but we did not take a week off to bring in wood like we usually do.

Jack worked so many long hours through the summer, and is on salary so those hours were not clocked in.  Because of that he has garnered days off here and there that we have used for traveling or what not instead of using up vacation days.  I think I have just been so preoccupied this year that I did not realize until Jack mentioned it, that we still have our three weeks of vacation yet to take this year.  So that was fun to hear as we are hoping to get back into remodeling.  Over the years, and as we grow older, I think Jack and I have lost our enthusiasm for remodeling.  This old house is not an easy remodel, full of reasons that just have made it frustrating.  When you are younger, mental energy is so much more abundant, you just don't even think about how long or hard something might be, you just do it.  Yet, I know that if we get excited again, enthusiasm will grow.

We have never done anything to our bedroom in the over twenty years we have lived here, so that is one of our priorities.  Quite some time ago we had given over our large closet to the boys' room, to make their room larger.  Since then the boys each have their own room, but we still don't have a closet.  So I would love to have a closet again. wink  We have plans for that so it would be lovely if we could get them going.

We've had one major change in the last weeks.  We bought a horse!  This was a long, long time in coming.  Sadly, when we finally got one a few years ago we had a very bad experience over a really nasty horse that ended up in court so we've been a little shy about it.  Because of that, I still find myself wanting to preface anything I feel and say about Baylen, but everything we have seen and experienced with him in the last couple of weeks lead us to believe we have found a very sweet, wonderful horse.  The writer in me wishes I knew his story, his history.  He started out on the race track.  I wonder if he ever won any races? smile Does he still hold memories of those days?  He then went to a girls' school in the Carolinas and from there to a camp in northern Wisconsin.  It has been many, many years since I have been around a horse.  I love the softness of his muzzle, and the feel of his strong soft neck, the sounds he makes, his obvious affection, and the beauty of him.  He is an older horse, of course, but he feels like a good fit for us.  We loved him from the first day he came to live with us, and he seems to love us back.  not one care


I have done a little bit of scrapbooking.  This one I LOVE.  I struggle so with some pages, but other pages just make themselves.  This is one of my favorite photos, and I want to thank Judy, my sweet friend, because this scrapbooking kit was one of several she gifted me with on my birthday. Birthday Cake 

Gran berry picking

I have been thinking for some time now that I need to change my blog graphics now that summer and garden are not current, so one of these days I may work on that.  I have come to realize that I may never blog the way I used to . . . well, which was sporadic at best anyway! LOL

Take care...

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  1. Hi Pam :-)

    Your new addition is GORGEOUS! I'm a little afraid of horses, but they sure are majestic looking!

    Congrats on the 3 weeks vacation still - Doug has tons of vacation yet to take this year too. We're in the middle of some renovations in our home so I can relate to your upcoming domestic chaos - lol. What are you planning for your bedroom?

    Your new scrapbooking page is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful memorial!

    Have yourself a wonderful weekend!!
    Hugs xo