Thursday, October 16, 2008

Old Photos

We traveled last weekend, to my parents for a couple of days and then to my brother's for a couple of days.  It was such a fast trip with so many hours of driving so each visit seemed so hurried but we managed to have good times.  Paint ball fights (in which I did not participate LOL), lots of good food, a fair bit of news and discussion, two LONG walks in the woods, and lots of looking at old photographs.  I brought some home to scan and use for scrapbooking.  I'm so excited about this.  Here is a page I finished yesterday featuring my grandmother and her parents.  I love it!


I mentioned last summer that my Aunt Helen gave me the shirt and vest my great grandfather wore at his wedding - in the photo above.  This past weekend my mom gave me the hat he wore.  These items are just precious to me.  Mom also gave me a fat little "book" of daily journal papers in which he jotted down little daily items in the year following my great grandmother's death.  I concentrated also on photos of my grandparents, bringing home the camera my grandpa used, the old wire glasses my grandmother wore, and the Just Married sign from their wedding. smile I could have sat for days and days going through these photos so I hope we can make the trip again sometime soon.

I think I am going to consolidate my blogs, move all my nature posts and the posts from my secondhand links site into this homemaking blog.  I used to spend far more time online than I do now and it would just be nice to consolidate things.  If I do, you'll be able to pick various posts out by perusing the categories in the sidebar.

Until then...Wave


  1. Pam, what a sweet gift, to find a new post!! Wow - I 'love' the scrapbook page Pam! How beautiful! When Mom died, I brought home hundreds of photos & have 'fixed' all of them. Many were very damaged. I love looking over all of them too. I haven't scrapbooked any of them, but you have given me an idea now. I hope you are enjoying many creative hours with your scrapping. Have a blessed day dear friend. Sending you big hugs!

  2. What a beautiful page, Pam! :) So glad I popped in to see if you posted... and you did! :) Hugs & smiles your way from chilly Scotland.

  3. i would visit you if you consolidated or not!! :) That is an absolutely beautiful layout!! You are so great at scrapping...well, at ANYTHING creative. :) God bless.