Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thank You and Thankfulness

First of all, thank you all so much for the sweet words you've left about the blog redo and the scrapbooking header!  Truly, I'm with you...because I'm just in awe of Shabby Miss Jenn's wonderful scrapbooking kits and supplies.  I have lots of scrapbooking artists I enjoy, particularly whimsical kits and bright colors, but Shabby Miss Jenn designs, almost no matter the theme are must haves for me.  She has a very special quality about her kits which really sets her apart in a beautiful way.  Every time a sale rolls around, and they are frequent, I'm there fighting with myself and justifying this and that. wink  As was the case when I realized how utterly easy coming up with a Christmas card would be if one were to use these beautiful kit elements.  How fun.  I really enjoyed putting it together, and it was a great pleasure to share it with you.  She has a beautiful little mini kit featured at the moment on Digital Artist Magazine on Day Three of their Seven Day Giveaway.  There are several scrapbooking stores, such as Weeds and Wildflowers, sharing daily advent-like gifts during the holidays.

Oh, I realize not having blogged regularly there are so many things I won't even remember to blog about.  I guess one just picks up where you are at the moment.  One thing that stands out, a blessing to share.  I went recently for my glaucoma eye check as I do twice yearly when things are stable.  One of those two visits I take a visual field test which detects any change in my sight.  Though there is initial damage from before I realized I had glaucoma, it has remained unchanged in the last ten years which is wonderful.  This last visit my pressures were the same in both eyes and the lowest number I think I have ever had, so that was quite a lovely thing to hear.  But the real blessing comes in this, my analysis as I thought back in time.  Awhile back there was a space of about two years or a bit less which seemed to yield only disheartening news each visit and there were lots of visits then.  I had laser surgery in one eye but it made no difference which was really disappointing.  At that point I had thought laser surgery was in my future.  I suddenly found it was already in my past.  With some hemorrhaging in one eye, which meant it was not happy with the pressure, there was always the threat of surgery.  Things eventually evened out as I tried a new drop called Lumigan which I had not really wanted to use as it has a tendency to make your eyes look a little raccoon-y and darker, not in a flattering way but rather more sinister. Eye-rolling Still, this additional drop has worked wonderfully for me, and I am thankful that it is buying me time.  My goal is to try and avoid cutting surgery which will forever alter my eyes and still not bring any guarantees.  But.  The blessing.  I wondered why I needed to have that bad patch of time.  Looking back I see that it was what changed the doctor/patient relationship I now have with my doctor.  I'm a rather stoic person, especially when it comes to medical visits.  So the vulnerability I felt during this time caused me to open up and tell him that he would probably never know how I truly felt inside as he dispensed bad news.  He said it was good for him to know that, and in subsequent visits his hello went from a formal Mrs. to Pamela and then to Pam. smile Trusting your doctor with your disease, feeling comfortable, and knowing that you are not just a patient is so important and a true blessing for me.  I now understand more and appreciate what those hard times accomplished.

Well, I just wanted to share that, because I am thankful.  I'll blog more another time. Wave


  1. Ciao dear Pam! Hope you are having a lovely day! So glad to see you posted! :) I usually do not trust doctors :( probably coz they have never been good with my "problems" (for example, they needed 8 years to find out I had Hashimoto's disease...). But I'm glad you have a different and positive experience! :D

    There's an award waiting for you on my blog. Just left click to pick it up. Sorry I’m so short but I had major problems posting and now I must log off, talk more soon! Hugs!

  2. Hi Pam, how great to be stable with your glaucoma. I never realized that laser surgery could not work. I hope your week is starting well, hugs