Monday, January 5, 2009

Thinking Ahead

Happy New Year. smile I am still waiting for things to really settle down now that the holidays are over.  I would love to start posting more.  Some of us have not been feeling that well so life does not feel back to normal yet.  Well, what is normal? and does it ever stay normal for long?  wink  I am thankful for all things because good would never feel so good without the bad.  Have been dealing with some anxiety-inducing things which always leave me feeling exhausted mentally.  But, I am excited about this new year, the things it will bring, the changes, etc.  I also received very sad news today, the loss of a little one who would have been born into my extended family later this year.  That is always so sad and it brought back memories of my own little one that I miscarried.  It made me smile though to think those little cousins have met now before any of us have even met them. not one care How sweet.  I hope your new year is burgeoning with high hopes and dreams.  Take care until I return...


  1. Happy New Year (Felice Anno Nuovo) dear Pam! I always enjoy your entries and the new look is GORGEOUS!!! Wow!!! :) Hugs from me and Zeno, take care!!!

  2. Hello Pam. Oh my... I am so very sorry for the loss of a teeny, tiny member of your extended family. :( My heart goes out to the parents of this wee one and to your entire family.

    Happy New Year, friend. Your sweet bloggy looks utterly AMAZING as are truly a Shabby Girl in the making. And to think there was a time when I think you told me that you weren't sure what to put where...well, you're a natural. Don't you just love the "paper" that looks like a sweater? I LOVE it! That is my favorite paper in the kit. Take care and stay warm!! God bless.

  3. Hi Pam, I wish I could learn to do digital graphics. I don't even have time to do regular graphics. It looks so nice in here. I know the sadness of miscarriage and I have lost 3. I know I will meet them in heaven some day. Hugs

  4. Hi Pam,
    I am sorry to hear of the loss in your family. I know that sadness all too well. I had a miscarriage myself as did my daughter in law.

    It looks so cute in here, I love what you have done!

    Love & Hugs

  5. Happy New Year Pam!

    Sorry to read that you've been under the weather both physically and emotionally. I hope your days feel brighter even though the weather outside may not be.

    So sad about your extended family member's loss. I feel for their disappointment :-(

    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    Hugs xo

  6. Hey girlie, just wanted to pop over and let you know that there is a little something for you at "Life is in the Details".

    Have a blessed Friday.


  7. Hi Pam! I'm sorry that I've not been around to say 'hello'. I'm sorry too that you have been having some sad times. It's a blessing to 'know' that we will see the ones we have lost, isn't it? I hope that your new year is filled with blessings to the brim!! I keep you in prayer dear friend. Hugs!

  8. Ciao dear Pam, just popped in to say HELLO. Thinking of you. ((HUGS)) and smiles your way!

  9. Hi Pam, I miss you & hope that all is well. Please let me know how you are. You've been so heavy on my heart & mind. Love you!

  10. Ciao Pam, hope you and your are fine and enjoying winter. Big hugs! :)

  11. Hi sweet Pam. Thinking of you. Take all of the time that you want/need. Please know that you are certainly cared about and missed! I'll bet that you are as ready for spring as I am! Big hugs. God bless.