Tuesday, May 26, 2009

American Idol, The Shack, and Jon & Kate

It is a gray, rainy day, and I am full of thoughts. First, I wanted to mention how much I did and do appreciate the comments you left regarding my post about our current president. Of course my intentions are to write each of you and express my thanks to you for taking the time to comment, but very often I fail in those intentions so I wanted to express my deep appreciation for your caring and my apology for not responding individually.

American Idol. So Kris was actually voted as America’s choice. I can’t tell you how much this surprised me. Not because I don’t think he deserved the win. I do. As much as I loved Danny Gokey and love his voice, and my kids are wounded to the quick when I say this because we all loved Danny, I thought that Kris was more artistic throughout the competition. I also can say that I did not want Adam to win. While I prefer not to describe what turned me off, the trademark gesture he injected into nearly every song, it had rather to do with the judges. I feel like they talked him up every week, whether it was warranted or not, in a way that seemed to me they were trying to sway votes, and I felt that his win would somehow be forced on us in the same way the media forced Obama on us. So that was a happy, surprised moment when Kris won.

I do think we/our family probably will not/should not watch American Idol next season. I also think what I am going to say next will not be popular. This recent finale show was very well put together, brimming with talent, but it left me feeling extremely uncomfortable. I was doing other things and only had half an eye on the show because I just did not care, but the things I saw and heard made me realize, not for the first time, how emboldened people are, how they just keep pushing things to the next level to see how much we will take. Do we even notice anymore? What people wear, what little they wear, what they say? I am shocked what is acceptable now to say on television, to imply. We’re coming to a slow boil like that poor frog in a pot. And this is what I will dare to say. Three words came to mind as I watched. Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Shack. I blogged recently that I have been making a real effort to read more. Among the books I mentioned starting was The Shack. In the first couple of chapters I really enjoyed the way the author wrote, just very simple and personable. But for some reason I just never got very far in the book. It was lent to my husband by a friend. Jack has not read it, and doesn’t intend to, and since it has just been sitting by my bedside I thought I just need to read it if I’m going to so we can return it. I took it out to the porch with me yesterday afternoon and quickly made it about halfway through. I need first to say that I had great reservations to begin with about this book. Anything like this that takes the Christian world by storm, sweeping through and impacting a great many people, sends up a red flag to me. So, it came to a point where I felt uncomfortable with what I was reading and I thought, I need to see what other people think of this book, people that I trust. So I Googled. There are quite a few reviews which you can find yourself if it matters to you so I will not link to any, and I will not debate this with anyone. That is not my intent, and I would not reply to anyone who wants to debate it. My only intent in blogging about this is to bring it to attention. I just think it is shocking to find that pastors are actually preaching from this book in church. Does that not seem bizarre?

We do watch Jon & Kate, and I love those little ones. You just want to pick them up and squeeze them, and my heart turns over every time I hear Leah say that "Hannah pooped in Hannah’s unnawears." Still, over the last long while it’s just a crazy, painful thing watching this marriage unravel in front of our eyes. I’m no model wife, but I cringe every time I hear Kate talk to her husband.  Even when she says something nice, it is backhanded somehow. And I don’t even know what to say about Jon. It’s all just sad. Why do we stop to look at accidents? I want to get to the point I don’t look. Don’t want to look. So we watched the new season show last night. If you watch Jon & Kate you probably are aware of the tabloid stuff, but I honestly thought last night they’d sit on the couch together, be united in some fashion, and say pooh, tabloids, we’re fine, we’re fighting to stay together. Wow. How not the way it was.  It was extremely painful, and painful to watch. And way more than anyone outside of that couple needed to see, for their sakes. It was clear that they have given up. And all I can think today is if you want to fight for your marriage, if this show is in anyway killing your marriage, stop doing the show!

Well, aren’t you glad you clicked in here today? wink You just caught me on a rambling, thoughtful kind of day.


  1. I loved your post Pam and so much of what you wrote are thoughts I've had myself about all 3 issues. I did read The Shack for my book club last Fall. I never would have picked it up and of all the books we read it was my hardest read. On one hand I hated it, but after the discussion in the book club I realized it had some merit. I would choose to use the book as a tool in Christian counseling for people like myself, who found it difficult to relate to God as Father because of my own woundedness. I had to think of God as my Bridegroom instead of Father because that relationship I understood in it's purest, most loving sense. It disturbs me to read though that pastors are preaching form this book as the author himself says this book is a) fiction and b) was written for himself and his children - I don't think it's gospel... at least last time I read my Bible - hee hee.

    Never be ashamed or afraid to post your feelings on YOUR blog! If people don't like what you write they only need to point their arrow on the little red "X" and move on ;-)

    Have a GREAT week, Sweetie! Hugs xo

  2. Hi Pam;
    was glad to see you post again - I missed you!
    I don't watch American Idol so I have no opinion
    I did read The Shack - a waste of time, can't believe that Pastors are preaching from this book!
    Jon & Kate, well I used to like the show very much but I just couldn't take Kate's attitude so I guess what happened last night didn't surprise me.
    blessings, Joann

  3. DITTO... DITTO... and DITTO! How's that for getting right to the point!? : ) I will say more later!!

  4. Hi Pam!!
    Sorry I haven't been to visit in so long! I have missed you!
    Will be back again soon!